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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Storage Jobs Interview Questions Interview Experiences :INDEX

Here is an index of some of the important articles on this blog
Sun Storage Interview Experience
Get Interview Questions from Real Interviews of Top Storage Companies
Storage Interview Questions on RAID:30% of the questions in Storage will be on this topic
Fibre Channel Interview Questions with answers
Fibre Channel Interview Questions:For SAN openings this is a Very important Topic
Interview Questions on SCSI,HBA:Generally this is important for many company interviews especially for iSCSI & SAS related job openings
Vmware Job Openings in Palo Alto,California
Solaris Interview Questions:Solaris is preferred on many Storage vendor products
Solaris Interview Questions from Real Storage Companies
Solaris Interview Questions:Just read this blog & find many more Interview Questions
Solaris Interview Questions:Email for more Interview Questions
Salary in Software Companies
Interview Questions on Veritas Volume manager
Storage Fundamentals Interview Questions
Storage technology Interview questions
Storage jobs interview questions
Storage Industry Openings: Roles of a Storage Technology Professional

Storage Interview Questions Sun Microsystems Interview Experience

Interview experience with Sun Microsystems for iSCSI Testing Team QA Opening

There are four rounds of interviews generally & sometimes more

1. Your resume should be shortlisted by the Sun recruitment team. They get your resume directly through some of the job portals like Monster , Dice , Seek etc or through recruitment consultants.

2. Once your CV is shortlisted you will get an email confirming the time & date scheduled for Telephonic interview - the consultant might also call u to inform this.

3. In telephonic round its mainly to see if u really have all the knowledge what you've put on the resume , but the main focus is to see if you suit their requirement. Most of the time the exact profile match against the job description is hard to get in such case they will recruit you if you have good hands on experience working on similar technology or platform like solaris and storage exposure. Telephonic interview is the first of the nearly 4 rounds.

4. If you satisfy their expectation by answering atleast 60 to 80 % of the interview questions then you will be asked to attend the next round : personal interview( Technical Interview round ) .
In this round main focus is to understand how much you suite their requrement &
- How much knowledgable & flexible you are as a team player
- How good your contributions can be
- How good is your present & prior knowledge skill set
- How fast you can learn & show excellence if you are offered a job

this round will usually by taken by team lead along with some of his team engineers

4. If you answer atleast 50% to 60% of the above second round then you will be asked to take the third round which is also a Technical round and which will generally be on the same day with Engineer members of the team you might work with in future.
These guys will ask questions based on your prior experience and also based on what the new job role expects. if you clear this third round you are almost through. The next one will be the final round or some more rounds may follow which is always based on your interview performance : If you are very good & were able to confidently & correctly answer 80% of the questions in each of the 3 earlier rounds then you suite the job role very well & the recruitment team give very good feedback for you for the succeeding rounds.

5.This rounds may be taken by either a manager or sometimes a lead & a director
So this is crucial where they evaluate your tech skills along with softskills & also you teamplayer nature. They may not go indepth in this round especially for Storage since there are very few Professionals available for hiring so the process will be simple & they just want to know more about you as a potential employee of their organization . So feel comfortable & go through this session with some good interview preparations.

If you clear the above round then there might be very brief HR round where they just take some details & wont go into detailed HRkind of interview . thats the beauty of Sun interview they are keen on knowing your Tech skills & not going to bore you with a lengthy HR round.

So if you suite their expectation & if you are a good teamplayer there are 80% to 90% chances of you getting Sun microsystem's offer letter within a day or a week.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

RAID Interview Questions Redundant Array of Independent Disks

Get more than 200 Interview questions & many answers for Only $100 can be paid through paypal - pay paypal id & get all the below
- More than 200 Interview questions
- Answers for many of the interview questions
- SAN Student PDF guide
- SAN & Fibre Channel pdf tutorials
- Many Online Downloadable materials on Storage fundamentals
- Lots of email support sharing Interview Questions from some of the Big Storage Companies


1. What is RAID?
2. What are the advantages of RAID?
3. What are different levels of RAID?
4. Explain RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 ?
5. Whats the difference between RAID0 & RAID1 ?
6. Whats the difference between RAID1 & RAID5 ?
7. Whats the difference between RAID3 & RAID5 ?
8. Whats the difference between RAID01 & RAID10 ?
9. How many minimum disk drives are needed for R0,R1,R5,R10,R01 ?
10.How RAID 5 works and how parity is calculated ?
11.Other than RAID features what are the other features in Software Management Functionalities ?
12.What is initialization ?
13.What is Check consistency ?
14.What is background verification ?
15.What is a RAID array ?
16.Whats the difference between a JBOD & a RAID array ?
17.When JBOD is preferred over RAID array ?
18.What is a hot spare ?
19.What is a Logical drive or Virtual drive ?
20.What is rebuilding of array ?
21.What you do when a drive in an array fails, how you bring it back to optimal online mode ?
22.What are the different states an array can be in and explain each state?
23.Explain Online,Offline,Degraded states of an array ?
24.What is the difference between a global hotspare & a dedicated hotspare ?
25.How RAID is configured through BIOS ?
26.HoW RAID is configured in OS level?
27.What is the difference between a software RAID & hardware RAID ?
28.Which is best RAID level for performance and which is best for redundancy?

Email : send ur CV - ask all your doubts or questions

Please write in detail about yourself, your plans, your interest and expectations. If possible send your present CV/Resume/Profile information so that I can better understand you. If you are not writing in detail - I may not be able to reply to you. If you are seriously expecting a reply please do write in detail in your first email.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Interview Questions of EMC,Sun Microsystems,Vmware,Symphony Services,HP,IBM,LSI Logic

If you are looking for Interview questions asked specifically in below companies for Storage related job openings ( Storage Implementation Engineer or Storage Support or Storage Testing or Storage QA )
You can get these by email - each company interview question costs $15 each

Dell Softwares
Sun Microsystems
LSI Logic
Symphony Services

The questions were collected from several rounds ( sometimes more than 2 rounds of interviews ) only technical questions are shared - HR or soft skill questions are not covered here

Email & mention which company interview question you want & also make paypal payment to email id $15 for each company interview question list.
You will recieve the document within 3 hours from the time u make paypal payment & email

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Vmware Job openings in Palo Alto California

These are some of the openings in Vmware company I request you to send your job profile/CV/Resume to if you suit this & are interested in these jobs

More than 50 Interview questions from experience of people who attended interviews for companies hiring Vmware virtualization professionals , read here
Vmware first round technical interview questions
Vmware second round technical interview questions

VMware, is seeking a software development engineer responsible for kernel development in the support of storage subsystems (multi-path, scsi, etc).

Strong SAN storage experience.
This position requires in-depth knowledge of Unix or Linux storage architecture and file systems.
Must have strong background in operating system internals especially Linux and Windows.
Proficiency in C and excellent debugging skills are required.
Expert level of problem analysis required both in defect and performance issue resolution.
Experience in the development of FC HBA drivers.
Experience in the development of storage software for FC, multi-pathing, Clustering or HA with multiple SAN storage solutions (EMC, NetApp, IBM, HP, etc) in Linux.

Masters Computer Science or Electronics Engineering & B.Eng or B.Sc. in mathematics, physics, computer Science or Electronics engineering.
6+ years of total software development experience with 3 years recent experience in the development storage subsystems.

Required expertise:
• C , C++ S/W development
• Kernel level development(linux)
• Kernel debug(db,kdb,kgdb)(linux)
• Visual C++, HTML, Javascript
• X86 assembly programming ( BIOS or driver debug)
• Experience in the development of FC HBA drivers or iscsi software initiators or iscsi HBA drivers
VMware Inc., a pioneer in virtualization software for industry-standard computers, is seeking a software development engineer responsible for the development, validation and release of Storage/IP (SCSI and Ethernet) drivers and kernel development in the support of Storage subsystems [multi-path, SCSI etc.] You will use your problem analysis expertise both in defect and performance issue resolution. You will develop and modify the VMNIX/LINUX kernel as needed to support SCSI and other storage device interfaces. You will identify performance bottlenecks in the ESX I/O subsystem and recommend and implement optimizations to the kernel as needed.

• Day to day software development in a LINUX/Windows Kernel environment primarily in C and C++
• Kernel level development (LINUX).
• Kernel debug (db,kdb,kgdb)(LINUX).
• Visual C++ , HTML, Javascript.
• X86 assembly programming (BIOS or driver debug)
• PERFORCE configuration management software
• Expernience with SCSI and IP/LAN software development & maintenance
• IP Driver and protocol development on Linux.

There are lot more job openings please do email your CV to if you have any storage experience.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

FC Interview questions Fibre Channel Interview Questions Fabric Frame FCAL

Fiber Channel Interview questions from Storage,Network and System administration interview experiences are given here.Answers will be given if you email & send your CV :

1. What is FC ?
2. What are the advantages of FC ?
3. Mention the differences between FC & SCSI ?
4. Explain the layers in FC Protocol ?
5. What are the functions of layer2 and layer3 in FC ?
6. What are different FC topologies ?
7. What is the difference between point to point & Switched in FC ?
8. Explain FC-AL ?
9. Explain the process of initialization in FC ?
10.Explain these terms : LIFA,LIPA,LIHA,LISA
11.What is a Fabric and what are its components ?
12.What are the different FC ports ?
13.Explain different types of flow controls ?
14.What is the difference between buffer to buffer and End to End flow control ?
15.What are the different classes of Services and explain them ?
16.Explain addressing in FC ?
17.Explain FC login process ?
18.What is transmission character and transmission word ?
19.What is a frame, sequence and exchange ?
20.Explain FC frame composition ?
21.Why do we need login in FC ?
22.How many connections are possible in FC ?
23.What are the maximum devices supported in each topologies of FC ?
24.What is the difference between FC & iSCSI ?
25.Mention the FC Controller card manufacturers you know ?

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Fibre Channel Controller Card ( Gigabit FC )

FC Layer structure

FC Architecture explained through diagram (another way of representation of Fibre channel layers)

Interview questions on SCSI,HBA,RAID,storage device types

Below are the interview questions collected from various real interview experiences - Answers will be given if you email

Keep reading this blog as many more Real Storage industry interview questions will be shared here from professionals who had attended these interviews & emailed me their experiences

1. What is SCSI ? What is SASI
2. What are the advantages of SCSI compared to ATA or IDE ?
3. Explain SCSI ID usage & its usage in narrow SCSI ?
4. Give SCSI Evolution ( Mention different types of SCSI )
5. What is CDB ?
6. What are different SCSI command phases ?
7. Mention device types in SCSI-3 ?
8. What is the difference between LVD & HVD ?
8. What is the difference between SE & Differential (HVD) SCSI ?
9. What is a LUN ?
10.Mention differences between SCS-1,2 and 3 ?
11. What is a terminator ?
12.What are the differences between synchronous & asynchronous SCSI ?
13.What is the default ID of SCSI HBA ?
14.How you will install device drivers for HBA during OS installation ?
15.What is parallel SCSI daisy chaining ?
16.Explain arbitration & Selection process ?
17. What are the maximum no. of devices supported in SCS-1,2 and 3 ?
18. What is the maximum length of cable supported in SCS-1,2 and 3 ?
19. What is the difference between a SCSI HBA & SCSI RAID Controller card ?
20. What is the Disk speed of different SCSI drives ?

Find more information about Virtualization technology on this

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Take Mock Interview Online for FREE & Get prepared to be Hired

The only reason people are not getting Better Job or Better pay is that they fear Interviews. Thats true even I feared attending interviews reasons being that interview preparation needs lots of effort
- U need to prepare ur resume which is a pain in the a*s*
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- U need to rewrite & retrieve all the info interms of ur role/responsibility in present & past projects/companies & get refreshed on all of them
- U need to sharpen all your wit & wisdom & knowledge base about all those old technologies
- U need to be abreast with the latest technology & how well u can manage the yet to be released "Buzz word of the Techie" stuff
- U need to make ur resume reaches out to all the right consultans & companies & never Your own Boss' hand :)
- Schedule the Interviews out of your very very limited free time
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So many pain points & very little support.

So why not take atleast a little preparation burden on me I thought - So for next 1 week I am willing to take MOCK INTERVIEWS ONLINE Through Googletalk .
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I only have 2 conditions -
1.I am serious interviewer - plz dont waste ur & my time if u r not prepared on even the basic stuff
2. Make sure u r online at the said time & plz make sure u let me know what duration of time u r willing to sit online & what % of coverage U would like to see.

FOR THOSE WHO CAN PAY ME $10 FOR MOCK INTERVIEWS - YOU WILL BE GIVEN PRIORITY & U WILL BE GIVEN PREFERCE IN CHOOSING UR TIME OF CONVENIENCE. Payment is thru paypal or credit card - do email if you are interested to pay & get your Mock interview scheduled immediately.

Storage Jobs openings for people from INDIA

I've below Storage industry Job openings & anyone who wants to apply for these please send your CV/Resume to & Mention the Job Code.

JOB CODE 001: Sun Netra admin/deployment
JOB CODE 002: Vmware Virtualization specialist
JOB CODE 003: Storage Testing Engineer
JOB CODE 004: NAS Deployment,Sustaining & Support
JOB CODE 005: SAN Deployment,Sustaining & Support
JOB CODE 005: Brocade Switches Deployment,Sustaining & Support
JOB CODE 006: iSCSI design & development engineer
JOB CODE 006: iSCSI Testing engineer

These job openings are with different MNC companies & you will get detailed job description only if you email your CV to
There are multiple job openings in each of the above mentioned companies.

Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage

Storage Area Network Career High Salary Software Jobs Blog Videos PDF downloads

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