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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From Fear to Confidence from Failure to Success

You may NEVER have read an email like this from anyone else before. Because no one else shares stuff like the way I do . So when you are in touch with me why not reply & write a lengthy email with your thoughts/opinion/reacion to below email from me.

I'm writing a book from "Real Life Experiences of Friends on Life,Career,Success advice".

I was struggling to choose a good title - help me to choose a good title - tell me which among below is good - or tell me your own if you have a better title

Some of my title thoughts are
1."From Failure to Success From Fear to Confidence"

2. " Consequences, Confidence - Life & Career "

3. " When no one helped I Still took steps towards Success "

4. " I realized Teaching,Helping is more satisfying than being a Software Engineer"

5. " Mistakes of a Software Engineer's Career Growth "

6. " I Failed a Lot - Software Engineer's personal thoughts "

7. " Emails which changed my Life "

I can write atleast a page on each of above title thus making a small book just out of the titles :) So much I have to share but I fear that I may reveal too much personal info. You tell me frankly am I right or wrong in assuming - People hate to read failure stories what they want is Success stories & steps for success.

Yes its not just about Career its about Life advice too meaning it includes enough personal advices related to non technical stuff just like some of my previous emails.

If you joined recently or if you've not read some of my previous emails
here are some of the topics i covered in my previous emails
1. 10 Tips between your Success and Failure
2. Winners take action Losers get involved in too many pity things

what i intended to say by mentioning above email headlines -- I have a lot of helpful career,life,success advice to share & chances are NO one else shares them with you.

I've learnt this the hardway - people in IT(Software domain) DO NOT share . A lot of IT guys/girls are so scared to tell you anything - they wont give away the best lessons they've learnt from their experience & their mistakes. If you dont believe me check out all your IT friends just ask them - "Can u share few tips to succeed in a IT career" & see their response. I bet you'll hardly get anyone who can even give you a couple of decent tips. If you get anyone you are really lucky.

I'm writing from experiences of friends since I dont want to reveal my personal identity - I like to remain anonymous, I like to keep my identity secret - so I will be mixing lots of real incidents,stories,experiences of friends with my own experiences. Anyone reading the story even if he knows me personally can not trace it back to me - I will be writing like that. Since when Im sharing personal advice including lessons learnt from personal,career failures its not cool to say that I've failed. Sometimes its embarrassing just to even write about these mistakes & their consequences in my own & my friend's lives .

So this book is invaluable for those who take time & who learn,implement lessons from what they learn.

This book is planned to be printed as hard copy & published/will be available for purchase through soon. How soon I cant tell for sure right now.

I just wanted to know from you few things

0. What topics you prefer more - Career tips or Personal tips or what else?
0.1 Can you mention some "sentences or areas or topic headlines" on which you want to read more in this book - I can write about it if I find interesting.
0.2 Can you mention how can I make this book a lot more valuable & useful for you & people whom you know well. Tell me how to make this a best seller :)
1. Would you prefer to buy a hardcopy book for $96 or a soft copy of same book for $46
2. Would you like to contribute anything from your experiences to this book - if you contribute you can choose to keep your identity secret or if you prefer you can get your name mentioned to get some recognition.
3. If you are a blogger or someone having websites or good contacts can you help me promote this book - I can reward you for your efforts let me know how we can work for a win-win scenario in this regards.

I'm not writing this book just to be a published author - I'm writing this since I've struggled to get advice & I could not get it when I was badly in need of it. I know for real how a good mentor or good direction/advice can change life for better. This book is like a mentor for those who take it seriously & dive deep to know the real meanings of the words & experiences shared.

Do share your thoughts/comments on this


Storage technology training for SNIA EMC certifications - Storage online training for getting job in Storage companies


A good friend of mine who is a Storage professional with 8 years of IT experience is doing online training for people who want to get into Storage technology career.

Below you can find the details of the course she does & all the relevant details. If you are serious about building your career in storage this course will be a boost in that direction. This course can also help take up Storage certifications. Do email back to me if you are interested in taking up this course.

The trainer - she will be allowing you to attend 1 session so you can see yourself the quality of the training & clarify all your questions before you send the payment to be able to attend remaining training sessions. I've known this trainer for a long time & I've attended some of her sessions & I'm impressed by the way she teaches - its like learning from an experienced IT friend. Though dont always push thinking the trainer as a friend but she is very helpful.

Lots of her students from US,UK,Australia,India & many other countries have vouched for the support her trainings have given them to advance in their career or to get job in Storage.

This training is purely online for individuals & once you email me I will share your email id with the trainer so that she can followup with you & give you more info.

I will say if you are seriously thinking of getting into storage this training is a must have. Do email if you are seriously interested in taking up this training.


Course details are below - please take time to go through in detail.

Storage Administrator Training Courses:-SNIA s10-101,Netbackup,EMC CLARiiON,Symmetrix DMX,IBM DS4000/5000,Brocade/McData/Cisco SAN Switches.

Trainer : SNIA Certified Professional.,8 years of Industry experience.
Contact : Email :

Online Training for induviduals
Classroom sessions for Corporates.

NOTE:Fee mentioned here is for individual students,for corporates,the fee will vary.


Course 1:
SNIA S10-101 (Duration:30hours,Fees:Rs.15000)

Course coverage Details can be found below:

Course 2:

EMC - SYMMETRIX (Duration:30hours,Fees:Rs.30000)

Storage System Introduction
Data and Information
SAN, DAS and NAS Basic
Symmetrix Inside - Logical view
Legacy Box, DMX 1000, 2000 & 3000 Architecture & Power system.
DMX 800, DMX3 and DMX 4 Architecture & Power system.

* V-MAX Architucture.
FA, DA and Cache (memory Boards).
Why Rule 17?
FEBE Boards
EMC physical disk and symmetrix device (logical volume)
Read Hit/Miss, Write Hit/Miss and Data Structure.
EMC Symmetrix Solution Enabler
Symmetrix/DMX Configuration Manager
Configuration Manager
RAID - (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,S,0+1,1+0)
Creating and Deleting of Hyper Volumes
Mapping and Unmapping of Devices (Allocation and Re-claim)
Managing Meta Devices
Symmetrix DMX Series Director Pairing
Symmetrix Time Finder
o Mirroring
o BCV - Operations, Symcli commands.
Global Sparing
Hot Sparing
Dynamic Sparing
Optimizer theory
EMC Health check, Drive Replacement and Inlines
SRDF in details, SRDF all modes.
Symmetrix TimeFinder Review
SRDF operations

Course 3:

CLARiiON (Duration:30hours,Fees:Rs.15000)

Basic architecture of CLARiiON Disk Array CLARiiON Models
CLARiiON Management Utilities -Navisphere Manager 6
Disk Summary
Connectivity Status
Storage System Properties
Managing RAID Groups
Creating Raid Groups
Deleting Raid Groups
Creating LUNs with different Raid Types.
Deleting LUN's
Managing Storage Groups
Creating storage groups.
Assigning LUN's to Servers.
Navisphere and NaviCli Documents

EMC Tools :

EMC Solution Enabler (Symcli)
ECC - EMC Control Center

Course 4:

IBM DS4000/5000 Technical Training: (Duration:30hours,Fees:Rs.15000)

Course Details found in the below link:

NOTE: The below SAN Fabric Course (taught along with courses 1 thru 4)

Agenda :
Brocade Switch

Setting up Brocade (b-type)
- Administrative and zoning pages
- Fabric Manager
- Functions of the SAN switches
- Fabric Shortest Path First (FSPF)
- Inter Switch Link Trunking (ISL)
- Host resource access
- Zoning and other switch services

McData Switch

- Setting up McDATA (m-type)
- Functions of the McDATA (m-type)

Cisco Switch

- Cisco MDS9000 family overview
- Initial setup configuration
- Cisco Device Manager and Cisco Fabric Manager
- Virtual Storage Area Network (VSAN)
- ISLs and port channels
- Zoning
- Administration

Course 5:

Netbackup(Veritas/Symantec product) :
(Duration:16 hours,Fees:Rs.15000)
1. Introduction & Netbackup Architecture.
2. Installation of Master / Media / Clients software,
3. Demons and services
4. Backup Hard ware devices (Library and Tapes)
5. Configuration of Storage units / Volume pools
6. Configuration of Policies
7. Backup,Archive and Restore operations
8. Job and Activity Monitoring
9. Netbackup Database Backup and Recovery
10. Netbackup Error Codes and Trouble shooting
11. Important Netbackup commands
12.Health Check & Intializing scheduled backup & Daily job monitoring

Certifications which can be complete after the courses
Storage Technology Foundation(STF) or Information Storage Management (ISM) - EMC Course Code E20-001.
SNIA Storage Foundations S10-101

Email so that you can get in touch with the trainer

Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage

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