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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Take Mock Interview Online for FREE & Get prepared to be Hired

The only reason people are not getting Better Job or Better pay is that they fear Interviews. Thats true even I feared attending interviews reasons being that interview preparation needs lots of effort
- U need to prepare ur resume which is a pain in the a*s*
- U need to recall all your previous projects again another pain in the neck
- U need to rewrite & retrieve all the info interms of ur role/responsibility in present & past projects/companies & get refreshed on all of them
- U need to sharpen all your wit & wisdom & knowledge base about all those old technologies
- U need to be abreast with the latest technology & how well u can manage the yet to be released "Buzz word of the Techie" stuff
- U need to make ur resume reaches out to all the right consultans & companies & never Your own Boss' hand :)
- Schedule the Interviews out of your very very limited free time
- Make sure you can attend the Interviews really (either thru telephonic or in person)

So many pain points & very little support.

So why not take atleast a little preparation burden on me I thought - So for next 1 week I am willing to take MOCK INTERVIEWS ONLINE Through Googletalk .
If you want me to take a mock interview for you,
- You must send your CV to
Also write which topic/areas you like to be interviewed or tested.

& I will schedule your Mock interview time & email you. I will be online for most of the time online this week & coming one.( I am a net addict & I am addicted to help Job Hunters Like YOU )
I only have 2 conditions -
1.I am serious interviewer - plz dont waste ur & my time if u r not prepared on even the basic stuff
2. Make sure u r online at the said time & plz make sure u let me know what duration of time u r willing to sit online & what % of coverage U would like to see.

FOR THOSE WHO CAN PAY ME $10 FOR MOCK INTERVIEWS - YOU WILL BE GIVEN PRIORITY & U WILL BE GIVEN PREFERCE IN CHOOSING UR TIME OF CONVENIENCE. Payment is thru paypal or credit card - do email if you are interested to pay & get your Mock interview scheduled immediately.

Storage Jobs openings for people from INDIA

I've below Storage industry Job openings & anyone who wants to apply for these please send your CV/Resume to & Mention the Job Code.

JOB CODE 001: Sun Netra admin/deployment
JOB CODE 002: Vmware Virtualization specialist
JOB CODE 003: Storage Testing Engineer
JOB CODE 004: NAS Deployment,Sustaining & Support
JOB CODE 005: SAN Deployment,Sustaining & Support
JOB CODE 005: Brocade Switches Deployment,Sustaining & Support
JOB CODE 006: iSCSI design & development engineer
JOB CODE 006: iSCSI Testing engineer

These job openings are with different MNC companies & you will get detailed job description only if you email your CV to
There are multiple job openings in each of the above mentioned companies.

Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage

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