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Thursday, February 01, 2007

StorEdge Sun microsystems product series - good Storage product from Sun

Storage job opening interview pointers.
In any interview for a storage related opening you will surely be asked to name Storage product names which might have worked on or known about.So below are some of the good Storage products from Sun microsystems which you can learn more about.Next posts will have information about other Storage products from vendors like EMC,IBM etc

JBOD Storage Implementation

Sun StorEdge 6130 Array

aimed at business-critical applications, such as email, ERP and e-commerce providing advanced data protection, high availability and application oriented management.
* Maximum Tray Capacity: 73GB 10k rpm-FC drives 1022 GB per tray (3 RU), 73GB 15k rpm-FC drives 1022 GB per tray (3 RU), 146GB 10k rpm-FC drives 2044 GB per tray (3 RU), 400GB 7,200 rpm-SATA drives 5600 GB per tray (3 RU)
* System Capacity: Scales from 5 to 112 drives (365GB to 41.2TB)
* Support for high-performance FC and high-capacity SATA disk drives
* Modular design and "pay-as-you-grow" scalability

Sun StorEdge 9910 System

or the high-end data center, providing hardware and firmware redundancy, unique switched-fabric architecture, self-diagnosis, "call-home," and remote data replication.
* Over 3.5 TB raw capacity
* 48 drive capacity (up to 4 hot spares)
* SAN connectivity - handles up to 144 host connections (6:1 fan-out)
* 32 data paths provide 3.2 GB/sec bandwidth and extreme system resiliency
* RAID 5 or RAID 1+ gives customers a choice of HDD protection, resiliency, and performance

Sun StorEdge 3510 FC Array
This is an array system that uses a modular, 'building block' approach with high port counts.With a highly intuitive management interface, the StorEdge 3510 is easy to deploy, configure and then manage providing a host of enterprise class features such as dual hot-swap power and cooling, dynamic LUN expansion and hot-swap disk drives.
* Capacity : 146GB 10K rpm disk drives: 1.72 TB max storage capacity (raw, in single 2U array)
* 2Gb Fibre Channel architecture
* Up to 12 Fibre Channel ports in dual RAID controller configurations
* Support for up to 1024 logical unit numbers (LUNs) with hardware LUN masking

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