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Monday, January 24, 2011

People make Miracles Happen not Technology - Personal blog post nothing tech on this post

Strange experience I want to share here.I got an email & then I got on a gmail/gtalk chat with a person who emailed me to know more about my storage training.I took sometime to explain him about my Storage training, I also told him about my Vmware virtualization training. We discussed tech stuff for quite sometime. He was an experienced Software professional but unfortunately out of job and was on the look for a job.

Since I felt like helping him with a bit of my time. I offered few small tips to make sure he makes daily progress etc. Then out of nowhere we started discussing about "Brain waves" or "Audio tracks - MP3 audio" which are specially designed to help our brain to relax or to focus well or to remember longer. Then I got to know he knows these stuff a lot more than me.

For those who want to know here is a website I've recently setup. These are audio tracks with affirmation messages & special sound waves to help people give importance and focus towards their weight loss efforts.

I'm also setting up soon a website with audio tracks(downloadable MP3) files of
Powerful Brainwave for Relaxation
- Audio for Peak Performance
- Audio for Smart Focus
- Audio for working on lot of Data Consolidation
- Audio to help you overcome any Blues(any bad moodswings)

Email me if you are interested in these.

These are Powerful & proven audios. I'm using them daily myself as I've found good results by their use.

So I started discussing brain waves with this person(whose identity I want to keep a secret) then we discussed about energy healing and karma (Doing Good things to have a good karma & avoiding doing any harm to others so as to avoid a bad karma).

He gave me lot of practical tips, he gave me lot of advice and he helped me in some personal things also (like how to heal some health issues of a very close relative of mine). I do have a lot of faith in these as I've seen their results. I'm not talking voodoo magic here. I'm talking proven science based energy healing. Results of which i've seen in my own life.

Whether you believe it or not I thank god for helping me come across this person who shared things to help me in my personal life.Imagine he reached out to me to ask tech based information and I ended up taking his help on my personal things. God keeps showing lots of miracles and this website is such a small miracle. I never intended to do so many positive things(career advice for strangers) what I have done after starting to write on this website(blog).Lot of people have benefited from this blog and the free information shared on this blog. I know a person who read my blogs & later met me - he said he took hardcopy printouts of all the posts on this blog since he found it useful. He said he saved more time by knowing nuggets from my experience than reading big reference books.(I suggest you read as many big reference books on the topic of your interest- blogs are just blogs they are no way as good as reference books).

But my point is - People make miracles happen. Its not the technology.

So if you are seriously looking for job instead of avoiding reaching out to people and finding an excuse like you are already posting to all job sites(technology) - Go out network(meet and talk) with people. Tell them your situation or explain them what you are looking for in a job. Meet the headhunters or talk to them on phone (DOnt just text chat - Talk on Phone or Meet in person if possible) .

Its People - Not Technology which can make miracles happen in many Job seekers' lives.

So dont be a tech rut. Dont say you've done everything you can to find job sooner. You've not done enough. You've not done anything near enough until you reach out to more people. Whether they give you a positive response or not - reach out to People and you soon may find Miracles happening in your own life too.

Email me & let me know more about you. But dont be too selfish :) .

Do good for others before you ask anything for yourself.

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