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Monday, May 28, 2007

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To understand the quality of this Interview Collection you can see my free listing of interview questions on SCSI,RAID below
1. What is SCSI ? What is SASI
2. What are the advantages of SCSI compared to ATA or IDE ?
3. Explain SCSI ID usage & its usage in narrow SCSI ?
4. Give SCSI Evolution ( Mention different types of SCSI )
5. What is CDB ?
6. What are different SCSI command phases ?
7. Mention device types in SCSI-3 ?
8. What is the difference between LVD & HVD ?
8. What is the difference between SE & Differential (HVD) SCSI ?
9. What is a LUN ?
10.Mention differences between SCS-1,2 and 3 ?
11. What is a terminator ?
12.What are the differences between synchronous & asynchronous SCSI ?
13.What is the default ID of SCSI HBA ?
14.How you will install device drivers for HBA during OS installation
15.What is parallel SCSI daisy chaining ?
16.Explain arbitration & Selection process ?
17. What are the maximum no. of devices supported in SCS-1,2,3?
18. What is the maximum length of cable supported in SCS-1,2,3?
19. What is the difference between a SCSI HBA & SCSI RAID Controller card ?
20. What is the Disk speed of different SCSI drives ?

1. What is RAID?
2. What are the advantages of RAID?
3. What are different levels of RAID?
4. Explain RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 ?
5. Whats the difference between RAID0 & RAID1 ?
6. Whats the difference between RAID1 & RAID5 ?
7. Whats the difference between RAID3 & RAID5 ?
8. Whats the difference between RAID01 & RAID10 ?
9. How many minimum disk drives are needed for R0,R1,R5,R10,R01
10.How RAID 5 works and how parity is calculated ?
11.Other than RAID features what are the other features in Software Management Functionalities ?
12.What is initialization ?
13.What is Check consistency ?
14.What is background verification ?
15.What is a RAID array ?
16.Whats the difference between a JBOD & a RAID array ?
17.When JBOD is preferred over RAID array ?
18.What is a hot spare ?
19.What is a Logical drive or Virtual drive ?
20.What is rebuilding of array ?
21.What you do when a drive in an array fails, how you bring it back to optimal online mode ?
22.What are the different states an array can be in and explain each state?
23.Explain Online,Offline,Degraded states of an array ?
24.What is the difference between a global hotspare & a dedicated hotspare ?
25.How RAID is configured through BIOS ?
26.HoW RAID is configured in OS level?
27.What is the difference between a software & hardware RAID?
28.Which is best RAID level for performance and which is best for redundancy?

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