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Friday, November 28, 2008

VMware Interview Questions with Answers Package What You Get How You Benefit

Vmware Virtualization domain Career Opportunities

This blog or any of the content on this blog is NOT endorsed by Vmware company or any Software company for that matter. Actually Vmware does'nt want us to publish these kinds of articles since it helps people who read this blog & puts in a disadvantage those who dont go through this.This is a personal tech blog & you dont need to take it as an Official blog of any company.I dont work for Vmware, I dont work for any software company hence I'm excercising my freedom of speech/blogging in a constructive manner - to help job seekers.

We have this package "Vmware Interview Questions with Answers Videos & Mindmap" which will be made available soon. I never wrote any article on this blog about what you get in this package. The reason being I never wanted to sell them to people who are NOT serious about their Career,Not serious about an opportunity to work on Vmware's cutting-edge Virtualization Technology. I dont want you to buy this if you are not seriously preparing for Vmware technology job interviews.

1.Vmware Career is NOT for people who are lazy.
2.Vmware technology is not for people who want shortcuts or cheats.
3.Surviving & excelling in Vmware domain career can NOT be done if, YOU are NOT willing to gain real good hands on experience,spend good amount of efforts learning the technology.

Let me explain what is this "Vmware Interview Questions package" or "VMware Career Package" as I'd like to call it. This is not a Cheat sheet. This is not a ripped questions set from a computer generated exam like VCP(for people who donno Vmware Certified Professional Exam). This is not a set of assured Interview Questions. This is not what can Definitely get you a job. This is not the only source which if you cover you are assured of a Vmware Virtualization professional Job.

Then what is this?

"Vmware Career Package" in simple words
is a simple set of documents,videos outlining how is
1. Vmware's Interview process, Vmware hiring expectations
2. What kind of questions to expect ( Reference questions)
3. Which areas You need to perfect
4. Flow chart explaining a typical(Not assured) interview process,number rounds of interviews, what kind of rounds - telephone screening,personal onsite interviews etc.
5. Videos explaining nearly 100+ Questions with Answers.
6. Some reference documents (From different sources - we are not authors/creators of these docs ). These are FREE Bonus docs from other sources we are sending you so you have all essential Vmware related docs in one place.

"Vmware Career Package" is what you buy only after you've done all other necessary interview preparations. This is a package of knowledge consolidated from experiences of people attending Interviews in different companies,on Vmware related job reqs (Job Openings). Just buying this package does NOT assure that You'll definitely get the same kind of Interview rounds (usually there may be more technical rounds & less HR rounds). There is No surety that you'll get same questions asked in your Virtualization interviews. No surety that you will get that job if you JUST restrict yourself in only going through these docs which are part of this package.

Obviously / You know a Tech job interview is a very dynamic process, Interviewers can ask questions on varied topics within Vmware Virtualization or VI3 or ESX or Virtual Center or Vmotion or HA or DRS or other Vmware products,VDI,ACE,... In many instances interviewers ask questions mostly based on your previous Virtualization experience & your previous projects. Then they start asking how far you know their technology . So giving a very short list of assured questions is not possible.

This "Vmware Career Package" is not yet finalized in terms of pricing & other stuff - as we are trying to improve the quality of this package.
Join below special email subscription to keep yourself updated on "Vmware Career Package" or email if u are interested in buying this package. As soon as its available you'll get access to this PAID premium content.


Below Videos have audio quality reduced intentionally since they are part of the PAID content. These are Free previews hence audio quality has been reduced.

Vmware Career is NOT for people who are lazy- Our "Vmware Career Package" is not for lazy - You need to go through all my 100+ questions in doc format along with the Videos & you need to learn/perfect them. Also there are additional docs which you need to study/perfect. If you had lots of hands on experience working on VI3,ESX,VC products that'll be a huge advantage.

Vmware technology is not for people who want shortcuts or cheats. Our "Vmware Career Package" is not some cheatsheet but a detailed list of reference questiosn with Mindmaps/flowchart explaining the whole interview process

Below video is about Google Interview process flowchart created by our team member.This is NOT vmware interview process map but you'll get access to a separate Vmware's Interview process map in PDF along with Video explaination in Paid membership protected webaccess. We are not giving away "Vmware Career package" hence we are not giving away VMware interview process related video/details.

If you really want that PERFECT Interview preparation package which has assured questions I will create it for you - But it will contain 5,000 Vmware Interview Questions. Are you ready to pay $1000 for that ASSURED Vmware Interview Questions package. If you are really serious that you need that, just email & be ready to pay through paypal $1000. I know people hate going thru 5000 interview questions hence our Vmware career package is not "ASSURED JOB" package its a "Interview Preparation Gudiance" & it'll have minimal questions around 100+ . Dont worry too much there'll be videos explaining all the questions hence even if you feel bored to read the 100+ questions you'll find the Videos interesting enough to help you go through all of them.

Ya ya this is a Storage blog but Vmware & Virtualization has fuelled a huge demand for Storage growth & implementation.Hence I personally feel this combination of Storage along with Virtualization(Vmware) knowledge makes a strong potion to help You in Your Career Growth.So you'll find lots of VMware/Virtualisation blogposts & also Videos on this blog.

P.S: Some ask why am I selling this. I'm helping those who can afford to make a very good systematic preparation for their Next Career change. This is my consulting fee for the time & the knowledge I share. For people who cant afford to pay plz dont loose heart I will be posting more Free VMware Interview questions Videos just keep checking this blog daily.

Feel free to email with ur queries.

Monday, November 17, 2008

How To Get Software Job Mindmap Simple to Understand Image

Quite sometime back I wrote an article on "How To Get Software Job" lots of people liked that article & asked me to write more on it. I've created a video on that but I will share that Video only with those who email & write about your interview experiences. Yes U will get access to Video if you write about your experience of attending an interview & please do write in detail.
Just to make you realise the importance of that article which is highly read by most of my blog visitor find below mindmap of the same article & here is the link to that article titled "How To Get Software Job"


CLICK ON IMAGE BELOW TO SEE BIGGER DETAILED IMAGE. You like Black - How To Get Software Job Mindmap share your experience & get access to a Secret video explaining this Mindmap


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