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Friday, August 15, 2008

Storage Training Virtualization training will these help you get a Job in Storage or Virtualization

Readers frequently ask me if I get a training in Storage or Virtualization can I get a job faster. My reply - The faster you meet the Interviewer's expectations sooner you get that Job. Sometimes I also may say "Have you looked into the Job descriptions check out some on Storage Job Openings website. The faster someone meets the expectations of a Job opening or what is explained in Job description for that Job opening - sooner the candidate gets hired. If your training helps you to reach this expectation then YES Training indeed helps you get these jobs.

Please understand this its not a question having a simple YES or NO answer.
Its a question which can give new directions to your career. So the answer is not simple but the path to follow is also not tough. Have you read all the articles on this blog if yes you already know how to clear some of the technical interview questions.

Storage & Virtualization are advanced technology & not every body can get job in these but there are quite a few less experienced guys also who got jobs 'cause they Got good training,
Did good amount of lab exercises
Worked on POC (Proof Of Concept) Projects or Internal implementation projects
They worked & put their effort to learn more about the technology
They persisted in their effort to meet the expectations of the industry/ job description
Did take quite a lot of mock interview prior to facing real interviewer

When they got job its not just that one training but the combined effort that helped them to Get that good paying job. So if you are lazy & looking for a quick success then training in Storage or Virtualization may not be the exact thing you need to search for. But I would say the effort or hard work you put will be worth it & you will rewarded richly if you persist in your efforts.

So get trained but be prepared to work more even after the training finishes, if you wanna build an exponential growth career in Storage or Virtualisation domains.

For people who want more resources on Virtualization or Vmware VI3 here is a website with Virtualization Videos. The free access to this site is for a very limited time as it is going to be developed into a Paid access site & protected with password. So GO get it & learn from Videos more about Vmware Virtualization.

I am developing Video training package on Virtualization the cost will be $500 since its more oriented towards Interviews & Job/Career progress, if interested do email

I want to keep limited members access to these Video training sessions on VI3 & VI3 interview preparation since I want to closely monitor the progress of the subscribers of this service.Hence please write in detail about your technical background/work experience & career details when u email for this service.

Vmware Interview Questions helped get Storage Job is'nt this strange

One of the blog reader wrote to say that he got Storage Job in IBM because he was able to answer most of the Vmware Interview Questions. Ya I too got confused just like you. The job opening was for Storage & Virtualization administrator. But later they made it as 2 job openings.They wanted to hire a separate Storage administrator but expected him to have good knowledge of Virtualization, specifically Vmware VI3 ( Vmware Infrastructure 3). This blog reader had experience working on Storage for several years. But he was not well experienced on VI3 - ESX Server , Virtual Center etc.

He was aware of ESX Server & Virtual machines just that he had not worked extensively on ESX administration. So just 2 days before the actual interview he bought my 100 Interview Questions package ($100 - check top right corner) . I never recommend doing this way. Do NOT buy just few days before interview. I even get people buying just a couple hours before the interview. Thats crazy - there are very few chances that the same questions may be asked. But still people have confidence that if they can have this for reference & use it for a mock interview session that has indeed helped quite a few. Thats why people never complain & email me back.

Anyway I'm happy this package helps people in one or the other way to get good jobs. I'm not claiming my questions were solely responsible for him to get this job. Without the kind of Interview preparation or Experience in a solid technology like FC Switches or SAN he could not have got this job offer.

I never recommend you buy my Vmware Interview Questions package & just prepare on it(escape route actually) thats not at all gonna get you the job. You may be lucky but thats another story.What I would recommend instead is start your interview preparation quite few days earlier. Atleast 6-15 days early[Seems boring/dumb suggestion :) ].All the blog readers who followed this suggestion got 100% assured job offer. Thats the success rate if someone follows some of my boring/dumb suggestions.

Most of the job consultants do give that much time,a week or two for you to attend interview. If you have so many days start your actual preparation

1. Preparing your resume
2. Properly projecting your experience, projects , skillset
3. Being able to clearly explain your roles / responsibilities
4. Initiatives you took, team leadership you've shown
5. Excellence in a skillset or administration or a programming etc
6. Your ability to solve things or troubleshooting expertise etc

when you are preparing on all these aspects & say you are a Storage administrator or say you are a VI3 admin (ESX administrator/VC admin) then you need to cover some of the basics about the technology. That time you need to cover some of their product documentation or User guides. That time for reference you can use my 100 Interview Questions documents,only for reference or for a mock interview with the help of a friend. By going through a mock interview you are mentally perpared for what kind of questions or twisted scenario based questions can be expected.You increase the quality of the answers you give for an interviewer. You handle the interview in a much more confident manner. You feel that you are in control of the whole technical interview round. These feelings you can NOT get if you have not faced a MOCK INTERVIEW prior to your actual interview. So dont skip this suggestion.

I would again repeat DO NOT buy if u have an interview just in next 2 hours. (This is what quite a few did in the past). I dont feel happy when this package has less value to you.

I charge for the service/product & I want to see it being of some good value to you.

So I am trying to increase the value of this package > HOW ?
Planning to include more Questions & Answers from real interview experiences. Planning to include some Video links which are very relevant. Quite a few things are going to be added to this package. Obviously the price of the "Vmware Interview Questions" package is going to increase to $240. That will include access to some of the Videos about mock interviews of VI3 administration.
VI3 admin scenarios explained in video chat etc.

But whoever wants to buy this package immediately at $240 please email (Things are still being worked on so expect more updates on this)

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