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Friday, August 24, 2007

Technical Interview Round for Storage & SAN Support engineer

I had to wait for nearly 40 minutes for the secound round of Technical interview. Read previous post (below post) Wipro Storage Interview to know what they asked in HR round.

There were very few guys in storage/SAN who came for this interview though it was a widely publicised walkin. There were more than 60 guys each for Software Testing, Java Development, Dotnet programming , Oracle ,Networking etc but for Storage hardly 5 guys came for the interview. This boosted my confidence - I was already imagining that I will definitely be given offer letter. Read the full posts to get all the details of this experience.

Second round was taken by two guys one seemed like a lead & another an engineer with little experience. Lead asked most of the questions & the new engineer asked twisted questions out of my own answers - it was more of a verification of my confidence in the subject.

Questions asked in that technical round of interview were like:
1. What kind of Storage Solutions have you worked on ?
2. Describe customer scenarios which you worked in & what problem did I resolve with my Storage knowledge ?
3. What Storage subsystems I have working experience on ?
4. Which vendor equipments I've used ?
5. How did you configure a SAN box from scratch ?
6. How do I plan , provision & manage Lun creation for different teams withing an organization ?
7. What are the difficulties I've faced in optimally utilizing the Storage infrastructure ?
8. What troubleshooting I've done & what are the steps I've followed ?
9. How different is it to manage a FC SAN & an iSCSI SAN ?
10.Mentioned some of the major company Storage products mention their specifications , limitations & performance comparisons ?
11. How will I manage if I have to work with Vmware Virtualization in my infrastructure do I have any exposure with ESX Server Administration or with Virtual Infrastructure management ?
12. What are the High Availability (HA) & Disaster Recovery Solutions (DR) I've implemented & how did I work out all the initial planning,designing,implementation & maintenance?
13. What is Zoning ? Mention types of Zoning & What Zoning options are available in which company products ?
14. What is Storage Virtualization & Storage Consolidation ?
15. Explain RAID5,RAID50,RAID10,RAID6,RAID3 which one is prefered & when ?

More details about how the interview went on will be posted in next 30 minutes keep reading .

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A Storage Interview Experience from one of the blog reader

Wipro Storage Interview Experience interview attended on 15 August 2007.

Job : Storage & SAN Support Engineer

Number of Rounds :

Initial screening was done through a HR round where there were usual things like :
1. Tell me about your self
2. Tell me about your previous experience
3. How were the team structure or company hierarchy in previous companies
4. What are the tasks & responsibilities you handled in present/previous job
5. Why are you leaving that job
6. Why This company & How can you say that you will stick in this job for a long time
7. What do you look for in your new job
8. What are your strengths & how they helped in your job
9. What are your weaknesses & how are you working to overcome them
10.Why should we hire you?
11.What are your salary expectations ? What is your present CTC & expected CTC ? Notice period & any issue in relocating ?

Next Rounds will details with questions will be posted in the next blog post within next 30 minutes.

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Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage

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