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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Companies in Virtualization Technology : Vmware,Microsoft,Xen,Virtual Iron

VMware is a market leader in Virtualization segment winning loads of customers every year. Since more customers are planning for implementing Virtual Infrastructure in their Data Centres demand for IT professionals with Virtualization experience is growing heavily. So many system administrators and network administrators are taking lot of interest in Vmware products like VI3 (Virtual Infrastructure 3), ESX Server, Virtual Centre, VMware Lab Manager, P2V etc. You will get to read about all these products on this blog. Also check out Virtualization Career Blog.

I've got news from some of my blog readers that
-Microsoft is hiring heavily for its Virtual Server Team
-Citrix may hire more people for its Xen & Virtualization team
-Vmware & EMC2 both are on a hiring spree & they may increase their Virtualization expertise team two fold soon
-Cisco has developed its core expertise,R & D centre on Network virtualization team & that team is also looking for many professionals to hire

So many people are searching for this term
"vmware interview questions" ,
"virtualization interviews" ,
"virtualization career" ,
"microsoft virtual server interview questions"
"Xen Virtualization implementation",
"Implementing Virtual Infrastructure",

So i've already started posting some of the interview questions related to Virtualization , vmware , EMC2 & u can find the first article "First round Vmware Interview Questions"
One more interview questions list related to Virtualization & VMware in Technical Interview Questions on Vmware virtualization

More interview questions will be posted every day.So keep reading this blog.

Vmware Interview Questions Virtualization Vmotion HA DRS Disaster Recovery

Knowledge & work exposure in storage , networking , security , enterprise servers deployment is also very essential if you want to build your career in Virtualization. So do read all other materials/posts on this blog which cover all these above mentioned topics.

Some more interview questions from Vmware Technical Interviews

1. Explain your Virtualization Implementation?

2. What are the advantages of Virtualization ?

3. Which company's products you've worked on for your Virtulization projects?

4. Difference between XEN and Vmware virtualization product suites?

5. What is Live Migration & Cold Migration ?

6. To configure Storage on ESX Server what are the conditions to be met ?

6. Using NAS or iSCSI how can you create datastores on an ESX server?

7. What is HA? Explain HA configuration that you've done?

8. Difference between HA and DRS ?

9. How do you know how many NICs are configured in ESX server

10.Diffrence b/w vCPU and pCPU ?

11.What is the difference between vSwitch & pSwitch?

12. what is VLAN? Whats the advantage of using a VLAN ?

13.How do you configure active directory,DNS,Samba servers if I give u only an ESX Server machine & another client machine ?

14.How do you configure security for your Virtual Infrastructure ?

15.Explain some performance improvements tweaks for a Virtual infrastructure ?

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