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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Learn Software Testing in 2 Days crash course for a very reasonable fee

Learn Software Testing in 2 Days for a very reasonable fee
Many job seekers who are interested to do Job supporting course are blocked by some obstacles:
One of the major obstacle is money [Can not pay the high fees]
Another major obstacle for few is time [Can not attend for courses which stretch over several days ]

To over come these obstacles & to help people gain an advantage in their Job hunting here is a simple and effective solution.

Learn "Essentials of Software Testing" in only 2 days crash course.Usually will be conducted on a weekend (Saturday,Sunday).

Yes this is a "Manual Software Testing Concepts Course" conducted for nearly 6 hours a day for 2 consecutive days. So you get nearly 12 hours of class from a Professional who is actually working as a "Software Testing Engineer" for last 6+ years.

The fees is only 4,000 Rupees .

The course for now will be conducted in Bangalore only.

This course is for anybody who is interested to learn about "Software Testing Fundamentals" & also coverage will be on What to expect in Software Testing Job Interviews. .

The course will cover many real industry testing project examples & many real Software company testing job interview experiences. Also there will be more than 100 to 200 testing job interview questions shared in this "Software Testing Crash Course" .

The topics which will be covered in this course will be :

1.Testing Process - Answer to question "How do you test in your team ? How your team handles this testing Project" .

2.Test Life Cycle [What are the different phases of Test Life Cycle? how are these implemented in your company? What are the deliverable coming out of each phase ?]

3. Bug Life Cycle [ How defects are tracked in your project ? How you search for previous bugs filed in your testing project & make sure you are not filing a duplicate bug ? Explain all the factors you consider before filing a CR/Defect report]

4. Types of Testing [ What is Sanity testing, Functionality Testing, Regression Testing , Security Testing , Integration Testing, Documentation Testing , Positive & Negative Testing , System Testing , End to End testing , Aplha testing, Beta testing and many more ]

5. Testing essentials / Terminologies
[ What is a Test plan ? How test plans are written ? Write a Test plan for testing Antivirus ?
What is a Test case ? How do you write test cases ? Write 10 test cases ?
What is a Test setup ? Test environment ? Test Suite ? Test Script ?
What is Entry Criteria and Exit Criteria ?
How does the development team & Testing team interact in your company ?
many many more detailed terminologies in Testing

6. Testing types each type explained in detail.

7. Software Development Life Cycle & Different Models of SDLC [In brief]

8. White Box Testing, Black Box Testing . Manual Testing & Automated Testing [in brief]

9. Interview questions with answers [ More than 200 ]

10. Interview experiences from more than 5 companies [ How many rounds , what each round of interview expected , what salary was offered ]

There will be some surprise bonuses & also good material to study for future reference reading. The material hard copy itself is worth all the fees you pay.

If you guys are interested email & book your seats in advance . This is a very very limited seats session so not many seats are taken . So email today .

If anybody is NOT happy or not satisfied with the course his money will be returned 100% . [ only condition is he should report his displeasure within 4 hours in the first day itself & 100 % of the fees paid by him will be returned] . This course is not being conducted to make quick money. The same course done over a month is worth double/triple this fee. The team involved can do better things in the same time & still earn more money.This course is being conducted so people who are constrained by time & money can still get the benefit . But it is not made fully free because people should respect the efforts being put & also should take this seriously. It has been learnt in the hardway that people are serious only when they put their money. Anything you give for free or for cheap people handle it badly.

This course is NOT cheap but it is reasonable at only 4,000 [ Yes only Four thousand Rupees] You yourself will say at the end of the second day that you gained a lot of knowledge in Software testing job segment.

Read [Storage technology & Software Salary ]
Read [Lots of Storage Job Openings info articles]

There are people travelling & attending this course from hyderabad,chennai,mysore,hubli in bangalore they felt it was worth it hence no one asked for a refund. But if you want refund you can ask for that in first 4 hours of the start of the session. You'll get your refund without any questions asked if you are not satisfied & express your concern within 4 hours of start of the 1st day session.

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Yes I'm waging a WAR against these Massive Layoffs, against this Recession.

Here is what is my Mission to Get Jobs to as many worthy people as possible.

What I expect from people who want to take my help - A lot of effort,dedication,not giving up on yourself, following some of the steps I ask you to do(This list may grow,cause we are in a WAR to get you Your Job)

What am I doing for that. I will help Job seekers in whatever possible way I can.

I will rewrite the resumes of people for Free (Only for those who do what I ask them to do - which does not involve paying me , which does not involve anything illegal). I may ask them to refresh on some areas in their resume,learn new related technologies,provide pointers to help them learn things fast. Post their resume on places where they may get response.

I will create exclusive websites for them to help them get more visibility. To help them reach to recruiters,companies which are still hiring.

I will write articles for them to showcase their strengths.

I will ask them to create videos of themselves - I will write your Video script to make it reach the intended.

I will do SEO- Search Engine Optimization so your website receives thousands if not millions of visitors

I will track your progress & instruct on how to prepare for interview for specific companies.

I will push you to overcome your limits & see your best potential to get your Job/Career.

I will utilize my Network of Storage,Virtualization,System Administrators to get you some references or some job interviews scheduled.

All I ask you in return is BE WORTHY, work hard, never giveup. Do whatever in the legal limit to get your job.

If you are willing to wage this WAR & Get a better Job email & write in detail. - Expect delay since there are quite a number of emails already. I will still reply. Email again & again if there is any delay in me replying.

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I've already helped more than 100s to get job - I will post a video of their testimonial soon.

I'm doing this to give back to this community & if you are lazy dont bother to take the trouble.

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