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Saturday, January 26, 2013

What really makes you achieve your Career Goals

If you are really serious about achieving your Career Goals :

Then you need a mentor or you need a friend/family/relative who is willing to give you quite a lot of time

Here is what is the biggest obstacle for anyone who is struggling to achieve something

People CAN NOT push themself towards hard goals
They need someone - someone who is as committed to help them as they are to achieve that goal.

So it has to be a mentor or a friend who does similar role.

You need someone who almost everyday listens to what you are doing
- Gives you feedback on what you are doing
- Helps you have a better roadmap to achieve your Goals
- Helps you have an accountability mechanism to monitor your progress
- Helps to check you at several milestones on how much you achieved
- Gives you necessary advice when you are stuck
- Asks you are you stuck due to anyting & listens to all that stuff you have to say which you badly wanted to share with someone
- Pushes you knowing your Limits
- Helps you extend your limits to increase your ability to cope with bigger responsibilities

Lot of times people dont even get any body to listen to them - let alone give them positive affirmative messages. People dont even get someone who believes them . Its a hard lonely path for many who are trying to get a Job, Build their career or take care of their responsibilties.

My friend is willing to do that for some - some chosen ones

But if you are a hardworking, dedicated, serious job seeker email him & let him know more about you

I am glad there is someone who is willing to take time for people who badly need support

You are Hired Whats your Best Skillset Whats your area of Passion

How many of you wish you get a job in an area you are very passionate about.

Write which area you are very passionate to work on & email about it to below email id.
May be if they like what you are interested in they may give you a chance.

Email & write about it . He is my friend & he is in need of some good number of skilled people in several areas.

MAKE SURE to email your resume & also mention what is your current salary , expected salary, interested to work full time/part time , any other things you want to discuss why dont you put it in the email in the first place (to reduce the time it takes for them to take a decision on shortlisting you for a call/conversation)

If you are a highly skilled programmer on

If you are a very talented graphic designer / artist

If you are very good in writing artices (content development)

If you are experienced with lot of web development , web site management, wordpress administration , blog fine tuning, SEO , Social Media Management

Please make sure to write as much details as possible about your previous experience or previous work/assignments you’ve completed - if you can share the links (if they are on the web) or send snapshots or documents/presentation files about your previous work that will be great.

Getting Job is Easy Compared to Keeping the Job and Growing in Your Career

Getting Job is Easy Compared to Keeping the Job and Growing in Your Career

Yes you will realise this soon if you are still trying to get a job. I agree effort & time it takes to get a job is really huge but still when you have a job then the required efforts & work is much much more.

Its not easy to do well in a Software Job - when projects or assignments start
When their complexities grow
When your responsibilities grow
When tasks you are supposed to complete grow
When hardware/software/infrastructure start giving lots of issues
When deadlines & schedules become tight
When you are unable to resolve issues & pending tasks keep growing
When you get very limited support from your team, management but are supposed to get a lot done
When you have very less time to gain the knowledge required to complete your assignments
When you have a lot of complex technologies to handle
When you are part of a team which is going crazy
When the management - Manager/Lead/Peers start giving lots of confusing tasks/instructions

There are a lot of things which can go wrong & can keep pulling you from meeting the expectations of the job.

I may not have been able to list them all. Why I am writing this is not to scare you - but to prepare you ahead of time - to ask you to work more effectively now, to gain more knowledge now so that you dont have to struggle when you have a job.

Work hard now & Work with you full potential  - though these days when you are struggling to get a new job (or change for a better job) seem like very tough - when you get that job ( I am sure you will definitely get that job sooner or later)
- When you get that job & when you get really busy with everything I've mentioned above then the previous days of you trying to get job - those days will really look like the best time of your career. Enjoy while it lasts. Enjoy this struggle enjoy the hardship & enjoy these experiences - chances are you may not be so lucky to have these days again

I wish you get a good job soon .

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