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Monday, June 15, 2009

Bond between a mother & her baby is beyond words a post for expectant mothers

This post is dedicated to all mothers. I just want to show that you are invaluable. I dont want this website to be just junky technical hence sharing some of the social thoughts too.My brother is expecting a baby. When I see his & his wife's preparations, anxiety,dreaming I get overwhelmed.Parenthood is holy, its also a challenge. Aptly said Joys of parenthood can never be expressed in words.

He spends more time planning for his expected baby than he does for himself.His wife too is happy that they are having a baby after soo many years after their marriage. They both were busy in their work & now something other than work has been of importance.Sometimes I feel they are acting like babies in their excitement & tantrums to buy ahead of time all the essential clothes,cradle,soft mats.... I'm really happy seeing them. I frankly feel I've never seen them so happy before. They are saying in silence words "I Love this experience".

This is an emotional & sensitive subject as its also an essential subject considering your baby's future & health. So I think its important that expectant parents should be aware of cord blood. By storing baby’s umbilical cord blood, parents can take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to preserve their baby’s valuable stem cells. Stem cells from umbilical cord blood are known to treat more than 75 diseases, and have been used in more than 10,000 transplants worldwide. From blood disorders, malignancies, immunodeficiencies and other inherited disorders, to promising developments on the horizon for dozens of new potential uses in the near future, stems cells are helping people all over the world.Im talking about stem cells & why its important for your baby's future. Every parent should know about cord blood, if you are an expectant parent take time to know about it at Cryo-Cell. Its worth all the time.

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Its important that you know more about Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Bank services. Before the birth of your baby & after the birth of your baby this service helps in several scenarios.preserving them at birth may provide future opportunities for medical treatments that may not otherwise exist.This process is beneficial to other children in the family too.

There are many precautions & pre-paredness a parent must do & I believe this one is important if you can understand its advantages. This company is providing services in this area get to know more about its current services, current offers .

Parenthood is a real joy I wish you a very happy experience of Parenthood when you are ready for it.

request more information about the precious services of Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Bank by visiting their website . There is a lot there which a parent should know.

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This is a sponsored post. But my opinions are not influenced by the sponsor.

Storage Company Job Interview experience Interview Questions & Signs that you got the job

People often email with these questions so I'll give brief answers to them

1. Which companies are hiring now. What kind of openings are there.
Many storage companies (more than 40% are still hiring) but it may not be for entry level openings. Mid level,higher management is whats being hired right now. But give a good fight & u may get ur shot.
Several openings starting from consultant, support engineer,L2/L3, Developer, Quality, Implementation,Pre Sales lots of options are there.But check out your city specific job portal for the latest info. As far as I got the info through out US though there is a slump Storage pros are still in demand (those who have good years of experience & expertise).

2. How much is being paid? What is the pay package?

Will take a day to update on this since Im waiting for some inputs.

3. How are the interview process in these Storage Companies?
Expect & be ready for several technical interview rounds. Manager/ above rounds are nothing compared to the kind of bashing you'll recieve at tech rounds. So prepare well. Nothing to fear they treat you nice & gentle. But they want you to give the expected solutions/answers.

Dont expect any company hiring for not less than 3 tech rounds. Some companies do 7 rounds or more. Its a norm ,dont panic or act wierd when they ask you to wait a whole day before calling for a 40 min tech discussion.

4. Interview questions being asked in such Storage job interviews.
Interview is a very dynamic process,they mainly ask based on your experience, prior projects,strengths, tech accomplishments, Skillset they need for the opening.

Storage career in recession yes there are jobs hang on

Job seekers you are my 1st focus.People who lost jobs I'm here to support you in whatever little capacity I can. I know how hard its been. Dont let the situation drag you down. Yes I know there are layoffs, yes I know there are no interview calls, yes I know you are not being short listed or even your resume is not being accepted.

But come on dont loose hope. Dont let it overcome you.

Email me in detail writing what you are trying. Where you've been. Where you feel there is hope. Where you think you need help. I want to help but there is a limitation. Dont help me to do A-Z for you. Dont ask me to search for jobs, write your resumes, train you or send you docs, keep you updated etc etc. Let me know what you've done so far. Let me know how many interviews or companies you tried so far & write in detail. I can easily spot a fake story. I will support the people who are genuinely trying for a job, who deserve a job but are not getting an opportunity.

Also please mention your place,city,location of preference,present/previous salary,minimum expected pay package.Any other concerns in detail. This helps to get to the point & not to beat around the bush.

There are some jobs, these jobs are having a little higher expectations, please keep yourself on a steady learning path.Dont get obsolete. Dont let what you've gained as experience go due to inactivity/not revising.

Keep me updated even though I may delay in replying. Let me see what I can do to be of help.

Storage Pros start your own website & choose web hosting on this best offer site

Storage professionals many of them are starting their own websites, I cant say they are inspired by this blog or website. But im glad to say many people creating their own websites & expressing/sharing their experiences, in the process helping others who are looking for a career,job in this bleak time.

Many of you emailed asking how to start your own website , where to buy your own domain name, where to get dedicated server hosting. How to choose the best & affordable website hosting provider.

For real beginners :
Domain Name is just the address like Just address

U need to buy space on a server to store all the articles,images,videos which we call Webserver hosting space. So there are 2 things you need to purchase 1. Domain Name 2. Web hosting.

So I found a cool website which gives u all these basic info about different options to choose while buying a domain name & also website hosting. Here is that site

I learnt some real cool lessons on how to choose b/w performance & bandwidth, how to make money using just domain names, cloud hosting, database hosting, exchange hosting (Email server). For those who are eagerly searching for the best yet affordable hosting this is definitely a site to check out. Also for those who are just there to learn do learn a ton. Hope u implement it some day & have your own independent website which you can be proud of.

Make sure to write lots of useful & informative articles & share from your experiences.Storage Technology has still potential even in this recession to get you jobs & a good career. Having your own website with real quality content written definitely gives a huge boost to your resume. Tech Blogs being written & updated by you constantly are a big advantage to give a good impression. Start your own website soon.

This is a sponsored post. But my opinions are not influenced by the sponsor.

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