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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Software Testing Interview Questions Live Webinar on Jan 28 2010 (Paid webinar)

My friends from bangalore are again doing one more Live webinar this time covering 20 interview questions on Software testing. They are not revealing to others what some of those questions are but I forced them to share a few with us.

They plan to cover technical questions but more than that questions which many struggle like :
Explain your overall experience in Software testing,
Explain your projects in detail & what was your contribution
Explain what are your strengths,weakness talking purely within the limits of Software testing/Your experience in application testing
Explain why you should be hired against others who are competing with you for this Software testing position

Definitely the questions will be answered with Manual Software Testing background.

If you are interested to know more about this live webinar of Jan 28th 2010 Go check out here
below are some more details about this webinar covering Testing interview questions.

Email with more details about this webinar is copied below
Feel free to forward this email to others who may be interested to learn about Software testing interview questions.

Here is the details on Live webinar on Software Testing Interview Questions (Live Online Event)

Go here to register

Everyone of you are preparing to attend a Software Testing Interview
What you are searching for are Interview questions asked & answers for those interview questions
We are doing a Live Webinar(Online) where we are covering 20+ interview questions on Software Testing
All these interview questions are focused on Manual Software Testing.
This is a webinar you can attend by paying just $10
If due to any reason you missed out attending & you had already paid you will get a link where you
can listen to recorded replay of the webinar so you can listen to it at your convenient time
We plan to cover some of the most frequently asked interview questions in this webinar
What is the advantage of attending this webinar
You get to know how these questions are answered
You will also get to know when you answer a question how they may more questions based on the kind of answer you provide them also how they may twist a straight forward interview question & make it appear like a tough one.
Knowing how to answer these 20+ questions is to just make you feel more confident so that
you can go back revise on your Testing foundation, perfect more concepts gain more hands on experience
and then tackle your real interview with better preparation.

Most of the real Sw testing jobs may ask questions like 15 to 20 per person so listening to these questions
is like alsmost going through the experience of someone attending a real interview.
But as you know interview is a very dynamic process so there may be several questions asked in real interview
which may be very different from what we cover. Please do NOT attend interviews just based on these questions.
We are NOT claiming that these same questions will be asked in every interview. Its not possible.
Interviewers may ask various other questions. The focus of the webinar is to share that these are some of the
valid questions for Software job interview & learn how to answer these. You need to prepare on your own for
all Software Testing Concept, Experience based questions in the same lines . OR improvise your interview answering
capability by listening & learning from this Live Webinar.

DISCLAIMER: We can NEVER Guarantee same questions will come in your interview as every interview process is
very dynamic & depends on the background of the person who is taking your interview.

WHAT WE ARE OFFERING: Coverage on 20+ valid questions in Software Testing & How to answer them.
How more questions can be asked based on what you answer. How a simple question may be twisted to appear like
it is a tough interview question.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: Click below link & you will be taken to Paypal website. Pay $10 using credit card or your paypal account.
If your payment is succesful you will be taken to a secret webinar registration page - give valid email id & Name to register. Once you register there you will get a registration link for the webinar. On the day & time of the webinar make sure you are on internet (connected) click this link & login 15 minutes before the actual time of the webinar . This webinar is hosted on Gotowebinar/GotoMeeting Citrix company platform which gives you the option of either logging in from your internet connected computer using mike & speaker or use your telephone to login.
If you are logging in from Telephone you may have to pay your local telephone call charges.

Email if you need any more info

Go here to register

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