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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Storage jobs blog Interview Questions has more than 150 blog posts[Blog articles]

I am very happy to share that this blog has grown with more than 150 articles(blog posts).

Click on "Blog Archive" at the bottom right hand corner below "Friendfinder" image. You can click through the year,dates & the article titles to read all important articles.

It is really a nice milestone for me as an author of this blog to complete. I love to share stories that too stories which can inspire others. So let me share a little story (history) about this blog.(You will not find any personal info about me though- I am sorry but I like to remain at the background & let this blog do its work better).

This blog was started in 2006 August 25th with the intention of helping people get better career guidance in Information Technology. If you are a new visitor to this blog & if you are not sure what Storage or SAN is all about then we are talking about Computer Data Storage & How real big enterprises manage or store data .

There was & There will always be a huge need for Storage professionals.

Even today when I talk to many Storage company teams they are expressing that there is a huge number of job openings for storage professionals. But, But the main thing is there are not many good candidates & even worse, there is no proper stream to guide/train/motivate people to explore career options in storage.

So I thought let me start this small blog where I can post few tips & share some stories to help people get some guidance in this highly lucrative Storage technology.

I have recieved more than 1000 emails till today (my email id is ) & there are atleast 20 emails on an average everyday. I try to reply to every email but sometimes i do miss.

This blog has given me a lot of satisfaction as it has helped more than 100 people get job in just last 6 months. These are the people who replied back saying this blog helped. There are also innumerable blog readers who benefited from the blog but forgot to email me :)

Anyway more than emails I am interested in how well this blog can help someone like YOU, who had taken out time to visit & read through the articles. I really appreciate your visit to this blog & would love to see an email from you with a feedback.I will try to improve the content & quality of this blog. I understand the ads have been a bit of annoyance but due to some reasons I request you to consider it as a small servicefee for the amount of things this blog is offering for FREE.

If you just spare 10 minutes to browse though the previous posts apart from posts on this page you will find real people sharing their story of how they got their Career in Storage or related technologies like Backup,Network Management,System administration etc. So please take time & bookmark this blog .Visit regularly to read all the latest updates.

I've made up a resolution to update this blog daily & if possible every 4 hours once. You will find many interesting things soon apart from Interview Questions & Tutorials. Also you will get a FREE Storage Student Guide if you email

Keep reading this blog & forward the weblink to all your friends or loved ones whom you think can benefit from this.

Thanks for your support

Senior Positions in Storage industries in INDIA

Almost all Storage companies are struggling to hire for Senior positions.Companies like

LSI Logic
Sun Microsystems/Storagetek
Lefthand Networks
Computer Associates (CA)
Hitachi Data Systems (HDS)

All above companies are on a heavy hiring so many recruiters are emailing me for the resumes/CV of people who are interested.

So anyone who has more than 3-4 years experience (and above) please forward your resumes/CV to and let me know your interests.

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