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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Storage Interview Questions Sun Microsystems Interview Experience

Interview experience with Sun Microsystems for iSCSI Testing Team QA Opening

There are four rounds of interviews generally & sometimes more

1. Your resume should be shortlisted by the Sun recruitment team. They get your resume directly through some of the job portals like Monster , Dice , Seek etc or through recruitment consultants.

2. Once your CV is shortlisted you will get an email confirming the time & date scheduled for Telephonic interview - the consultant might also call u to inform this.

3. In telephonic round its mainly to see if u really have all the knowledge what you've put on the resume , but the main focus is to see if you suit their requirement. Most of the time the exact profile match against the job description is hard to get in such case they will recruit you if you have good hands on experience working on similar technology or platform like solaris and storage exposure. Telephonic interview is the first of the nearly 4 rounds.

4. If you satisfy their expectation by answering atleast 60 to 80 % of the interview questions then you will be asked to attend the next round : personal interview( Technical Interview round ) .
In this round main focus is to understand how much you suite their requrement &
- How much knowledgable & flexible you are as a team player
- How good your contributions can be
- How good is your present & prior knowledge skill set
- How fast you can learn & show excellence if you are offered a job

this round will usually by taken by team lead along with some of his team engineers

4. If you answer atleast 50% to 60% of the above second round then you will be asked to take the third round which is also a Technical round and which will generally be on the same day with Engineer members of the team you might work with in future.
These guys will ask questions based on your prior experience and also based on what the new job role expects. if you clear this third round you are almost through. The next one will be the final round or some more rounds may follow which is always based on your interview performance : If you are very good & were able to confidently & correctly answer 80% of the questions in each of the 3 earlier rounds then you suite the job role very well & the recruitment team give very good feedback for you for the succeeding rounds.

5.This rounds may be taken by either a manager or sometimes a lead & a director
So this is crucial where they evaluate your tech skills along with softskills & also you teamplayer nature. They may not go indepth in this round especially for Storage since there are very few Professionals available for hiring so the process will be simple & they just want to know more about you as a potential employee of their organization . So feel comfortable & go through this session with some good interview preparations.

If you clear the above round then there might be very brief HR round where they just take some details & wont go into detailed HRkind of interview . thats the beauty of Sun interview they are keen on knowing your Tech skills & not going to bore you with a lengthy HR round.

So if you suite their expectation & if you are a good teamplayer there are 80% to 90% chances of you getting Sun microsystem's offer letter within a day or a week.

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