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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Real Interview Questions contributed by blog reader Jai

Hearty thanks to this blog's reader Jai who has contributed more than 58 interview questions from his experience of attending interviews for real company jobs.

I will be posting these questions in the subsequent blog postings - I rally appreciate his initiative and would request all other professionals or whoever - who have the knowledge to share it with the community and help the jobseekers.

1) What is the difference between RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5?

RAID 0 => Plain striping typically with 24kb, 54kb or 128kb stripe size
RAID 1 => Mirroring
RAID 5 => Stripping with parity

2) Describe in brief the composition of FC Frame?
Start of the Frame locator
Frame header (includes destination id and source id, 24 bytes/6 words)
Data Payload (encapsulate SCSI instruction can be 0-2112 bytes in length)
CRC (error checking, 4 bytes)
End of Frame (1 byte)

3) What is storage virtualization?
Storage virtualization is amalgamation of multiple n/w storage devices into single storage unit.

4) What are the protocols used in physical/datalink and network layer of SAN?
a) Ethernet
c) Fibre Channel

5) What are the types of disk array used in SAN?

6) What are different types of protocols used in transportation and session layers of SAN?
a) Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP)
b) Internet SCSI (iSCSI)
c) Fibre Channel IP (FCIP)

7) What is the type of Encoding used in Fibre Channel?
8b/10b, as the encoding technique is able to detect all most all the bit errors

8) How many classes of service are available in Fibre Channel?
7 Classes of service

9) What are the main constrains of SCSI in storage networking?
a) Deployment distance (max. of 25 mts)
b) Number of devices that can be interconnected (16)

10) What is a Fabric?
Interconnection of Fibre Channel Switches

11) What are the services provided by Fabric to all the nodes?
a) Fabric Login
b) SNS
c) Fabric Address Notification
d) Registered state change notification
e) Broadcast Servers

12) What is the difference between LUN and WWN?
LUN: unique number that is assigned to each storage device or partition of the storage that the storage can support.
WWN: 64bit address that is hard coded into a fibre channel HBA and this is used to identify individual port (N_Port or F_Port) in the fabric.

13) What are the different topologies in Fibre Channel?
a) Point-to-Point
b) Arbitrary Loop
c) Switched Fabric Loop

14) What are the layers of Fibre Channel Protocol?
a) FC Physical Media
b) FC Encoder and Decoder
c) FC Framing and Flow control
d) FC Common Services
e) FC Upper Level Protocol Mapping

15) What is zoning?
Fabric management service that can be used to create logical subsets of devices within a SAN. This enables portioning of resources for management and access control purpose.

16) What are the two major classification of zoning?
Two types of zoning are
a) Software Zoning
b) Hardware Zoning

17) What are different levels of zoning?
a) Port Level zoning
b) WWN Level zoning
c) Device Level zoning
d) Protocol Level zoning
e) LUN Level zoning

18) What are the 3 prominent characteristics of SAS Protocol?
a) Native Command Queuing (NCQ)
b) Port Multiplier
c) Port Selector

19) What are the 5 states of Arbitrary Loop in FC?
a) Loop Initialization
b) Loop Monitoring
c) Loop arbitration
d) Open Loop
e) Close Loop

20) How does FC Switch maintain the addresses?
FC Switch uses simple name server to maintain the mapping table

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