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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why People Fail to get job & Why People keep making the mistakes which avoids them from getting Job

People are a frustrated when they are unemployed. When they are struggling to get a job They loose rational,logical thinking. What most do is follow the same routine which thousands or million other competing job seekers are doing.

Everyone does the same mistake of just uploading some crap resume to 100s of job sites. What people think is they can compensate quantity over quality. They spend all time to forward resumes & hardly work on effective networking with individuals who can help them get Interviews or even Job in some cases.

People are dumb I was dumb I did same mistakes which Im talking about all over here. I made a huge mistake of avoiding job opportunities for myself for too long. Just like all others I hated improvising, I hated optimisation since it was hard work since it was brainy work. I was ready to sit & keep applying to 100s or 1000s of Job postings on Job sites rather than using the same time to make small but effective changes in my resume, in my approach towards the hiring process, in my approach to reaching out to people in my domain, my target companies.

I was the most screwedup shy shitty guy. Since I crumbled with the thoughts of talking to people asking them favours to forward my resume or asking them to refer me for any of their company openings. I really hated asking people favours but I had no choice I saw the reality I saw that I cant make progress until I talk to people, network with people still I was shy for a long long time - Thats the biggest mistake I made & many Jobseekers keep making. I dont know you want to call it a looser's attitude or whatever its just that we are NOT comfortable to socialise we are NOT comfortable to ask favors. We hate to beg others to help us get job - BUT thats the most logical thing to do.

Alas it takes so much time & so much painful experiences before we come out of our shell to take those dreaded steps & do the right thing.

Talk to the ones who can help you get job soon - There is no better way

People help People Get job.

Its not the Job sites Its not your Soft copy of Resume

Its People who help Other People get job. So try to overcome your introvert attitude & be a little more people person everyday.Push yourself to go & talk to people, since its people who interview you & decide to give you that job offer.

Good luck

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