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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I want you to be Happy and I want to help

This is a very special blogpost
This is not a tech post - This is more of a personal post.
Through this post I want to THANK all the people

- Who share knowledge with me & this blog
- Who show that they care for others
- Who prove that its not always gain that man has on his mind
- Who support you & help you build a better life & Career.
- Who email me

I want to thank all these nice people who showed that they Care,Thanks a lot
- Sean Ray ( For inspiring & motivating me to keep working on this blog )
- Jaiku P ( For sending more than 80 interview questions on Storage with answers to many questions - I really appreciate your efforts )
- Vijay AR (For sharing so many nice tech books & constantly emailing)
- Ashish Pathak (For sharing interview questions on the most wanted - Veritas Volume Manager )
- Sarfaraz M( For all the emails & nice ideas you shared)
- Yogesh Sobale ( For all the encouragement & enthusiasm you showed)
- A R Rahman ( For interview questions on Fibre Channel )
- Naveen Sangagl ( For all the chat sessions & Support )
- Unni Krishnan ( For your support & friendship )
- Toufeeq abdula ( For all the constant emails & support )

Thanks again to all the nice people who wrote in the comments sections
and most of all THANKS A LOT to the visitors of this blog who are taking time to read & appreciate this blog. DO CONTRIBUTE & SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE.

I wish this list of people keeps increasing .This blog's wealth of knowledge is due to contribution of all these people - I want you all to appreciate their support.

Storage Area Networking Blog Get Jobs in this High Paying industry

Storage Jobs Blog has lots of previous posts on Storage Area Networking.Though I started this blog with SAN as the central focus I understand that getting job in SAN needs knowledge in many other fields like - Networking,System administration,Volume Management,Data Center Operations,Enterprise Applications etc

So in future you will find many articles on this (DAILY UPDATED) covering many of the above said Storage related fields. This blog aims to help the job seekers - Plz share your knowledge by contributing ORIGINAL articles to this blog.

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Email ur friends about this blog & CC me . I Will send u links of Storage or Tech Job Video with lots of Real Industry Exposure for every friend you email. I want to spread the word & help more people thru this blog .U'll also get many more Surprise Gifts to Boost your Career & Salary.

QLogic is one of the solid companies in Storage segment & i want to share some real good snippets of knowledge from one of its guide(Qlogic SAN Configuration guide for CLARiion Storage) - its a nice guide - This is a must read for people trying jobs in Storage. This is a 106 page guide & has extensive snapshots of its management console which helps u understand & learn SAN deployment & management.Qlogic team tests their products in combination with many industry leading Storage solution for interoperability. Below are some of the terms,technologies & concepts a job seeker should be proficient in. Get more info on below stuff so u have an edge in your interview.

The QLogic SAN configuration test philosophy is broken down into two test levels:
- Application-level interoperability
- Device-level interoperability

Application-Level Interoperability Test
The application-level interoperability test ensures that applications such as backup/restore, LAN-free back-up, serverless backup, and server clustering will run as designed on a combinations of hardware components that are representative of customer configurations. At this level, the hardware configurations are, for the most part, complex and can involve numerous devices that differ by type, vendor and operating system. Since the objective of this test is to determine the feasibility of typical customer SAN solutions, not every function of the application can be tested. While the application-level interoperability test addresses the major functions of the application, successful completion of the test does not guarantee full
interoperability. However, it does provide a reasonably high level of confidence that the application will function well in most SAN solution scenarios.

Device-Level Interoperability

The device-level and system integration test verifies functionality of the device with additional hardware and software. The interoperability and system integration test ensures conformance with the ANSI Fibre Channel (FC) standards and interoperability between servers and storage.

Server Interoperability
This ensures there are no problems between the HBA and the server. Potential problems, which may be found in this testing, include incompatibility between the HBA and server PCI chipsets, and conflicts between the HBA driver/BIOS setting and drivers/BIOS setting of other installed devices/adapters in the server.

Storage Interoperability
Storage devices such as disk arrays and tape devices are tested with SAN hardware and HBAs. This ensures compatibility between the end device and SAN hardware. Potential problems that may be found include improper LIP handling, AL_PA and Worldwide Name problems, jitter, and so on.

Application Device-Level Interoperability

The application device-level interoperability test ensures coexistence with the operating system environment and typical user shrink-wrapped software. It also ensures that the software works with the applicable hardware. In the case of a Windows environment, the component should have successfully completed all applicable Microsoft Hardware Certification program tests.

Read more on this guide by visiting & searching for "Qlogic SAN Configuration guide for CLARiion Storage".
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