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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Storage Testing Virtualization Training in Bangalore at a reasonable price

Here is a training on Storage fundamentals, Testing & Virtualization Technology given by people working in these fields. So far many people have been trained & also got jobs in some of the best paying companies like :


More than just bragging about it why not go check out the classes for yourself & see if it helps your career. I've been getting very positive feedback about this training place hence thought of including it for your use.

Course Coverage :
Storage Fundamentals
Storage protocols :SCSI,SAS,SATA
FC Protocol in detail
RAID & Disk management

Testing Process
Test Life cycle
Defect Management
Bug Life cycle

Importance & the exciting technology : Introduction to Virtualization
Data Centre problems & How Virtualization can solve them
Virtualization companies, products
Vmware Virtual Infrastructure 3 Intro
Installation & Configuration of ESX Server 3.0
Creation & Management of Virtual Machines
Resource Pools
High Availability
Distributed Resource Scheduling

Since these are some of the hottest topics & also very much in demand technologies I think its time you think of them as a Career option. Email if you want to join this training.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Unix administrator interview questions Linux and Network Administrators too can benefit from this

These are interview questions asked in HP,IBM,Sun Microsystems to one of the blog reader. I thank him for sending & sharing these interview questions. do u find the CPU utilization ? do u find the number of CPU have in the machine ? what are the commands to add CPU ? What is core? What is quad core,dual core ?
3.if you are using Veritas volume manager,how do u find the maximum volume size you can create in the disk ?
4.if your veritas product licence expired and you want your system as usual or you want revert back?
how do you do ?
5.what is hard link and what is softlink?
6.what is difference between NAS and SAN? do you make NIS from the scratch ? difference between NIS +
8 some unix commands,in the case of solaris ,they willask "meta commands" for volume ?
7 useradd ,delete commands all parameters?
8.will ask about present project and the problem faced on the projects ? achievement ? how many people working under you ?
10. steps for adding disk,creating swap,increasing volume size ?
11.what are the steps follows for security purpose ?how do u find how many people using root password ?
12.what are the key things holding for disaster kit ?
13 what about back up job ?
14 what are the server using ?latest server ? versions of the OS ? difference between the previous version ?

in SAN few questions.they start with some general questions like

1 what is the future of SAN ?what is OSN ?
2 why do you want become SAN admin ? why people are still using NAS ?
3.give me some hardware name ,you are using ?
4.How do you give initial planning ,estimate to procure these storage hardware ?
5.What are the factors you consider while deploying storage solutions
6.What are your experience interacting with Customers & solving their storage issues?

More interview questions will be updated daily so email if you need more questions .

VMware interview questions Virtualization is the hottest Technology now

Vmware Interview questions : Some basic questions which were asked in the first round of interview. There were nearly 5 to 8 rounds of interview based on the designation.

1.What is virtualization ?

2.What are the major problems in Data centers today?

3.What basic factors are to be considered apart from Servers,Hardware while planning for a Data centre setup ?

4.How Can Virtualization solve some of the problems being faced by todays Data Centre

5.What are the advantages of Vmware Virtualization?

6.Which products of Vmware have you worked on? How & where did you work on them?

7.What versions of Vmware products have you implemented or had exposure working with?

8.Which are the other companies who are in Virtualization domain?

9.What are the competing products against Vmware's & in what way Vmware products differ from them ?

10.Explain your virtualization experience? Which virtualization project have you worked on?

11.What was your role & what features of VMware products have you used ?

12.Explain your work exposure in Virtual Infrastructure 3 (VI3) ?

13.How do you install & configure different components of VI3 ?

14.How do you configure Vmotion? What are the conditions to be met for Vmotion? What is Vmotion or Live Migration?

15.How do you configure High Availability(HA) in Virtual Centre ?

16.How was DRS(Distributed Resource Scheduling) implemented in your project?

17.What is snapshot? Whats the use of it in Vmware products?

18.Explain the architecture of VMware ESX Server ?

19.Can you explain what these terms are VMkernel, VMM , Service Console , Console OS?

More interview questions will be posted by tomorrow. For answers plz email - U need to pay for the answers :)

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