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Friday, April 25, 2008

One of my blogreader got a job on Vmware Virtualization technolgy

I was happy to recieve an email today from one of my blog reader that he got a job offer letter from Accenture on Vmware virtualization technology. He wrote to thank me for the guidance I gave him prior to his interviews.

I'm copying few lines from his email here::

"Overcoming fear of interviews is the first factor to success. We can overcome interview fears only when we are strong in the technology. Though I had been working on some specific segment of Vmware Infrastructure 3 I was not having a strong base in VI3. Also I never got time to cover other solid features of VI3. This was the reason why I always feared taking interviews. Though I had posted my resume online on various job portals & I was getting lots of interview calls from job consultants, I feared taking interviews.

This fear was mainly due to lack of preparation.I was fearing failure & I was fearing facing some body who'll grill me for hours to know what am I worthy of. I hated answering those questions like : Why should we hire you?
Why are you leaving your present job?
What are your weakness ?

Many a times thinking about explaining for the usual questions like : Tell me about yourself ? used to make me think that I need more time to prepare. I was confused should I perfect my technical skills or should I focus on how I present myself in interview. There were tons of worries troubling me & making me awake many a nights like:
Should I continue in VI3 administration role
Or Should I work as a consultant & start my career in VI3 consulting
some more wierd questions like : Do I know enough in VI3 or should I take more time to perfect what I've known already.
Also there were other areas to cover too like Linux administration, Windows related stuff,Network administration IPV6,VLAN etc etc. I thought its too much & I kept postponing my studies or preparation.

Roger thanks for your guidance & thanks for all the pointers you've published on the blog,thanks for all the email. I somehow managed to overcome my fear. I thought why not I give some mock interviews. I pleaded a lot of friends & I also asked you to take mock interview. Since you took that mock interview through Gtalk it was easy for me. I was able to overcome my fear of facing somebody. Since I wrote my answers I got more confidence. Then i took some more time to prepare. I polished my expertise in VI3 configuration, deployment, troubleshooting. Also thanks for the list of tips you emailed me for VI3 related interview preparation. It did help to some extent. I was able to give all 6 rounds of interview at Accenture & I'm happy to say now that they've offered me a good job with a good pay.

Thanks Roger for all the help & Thanks for helping me overcome my fear. Keep blogging & please write more about Vmware technology."

After reading this email I thought publishing it would definitely help many others overcoming their fears in facing the interview process.

I would invite (really appreciate) if my blog readers write to me sharing their interview experiences & sharing what helped them succeed in getting their job. If you could write sharing more about your interview preparations & any tips & if you allow me publish your email I would be thankful to you.
Ofcourse I promise never to reveal your identity or any personal info online.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blogreader shares an article from his thoughts

[This may not be exactly useful tech stuff  but it can definitely give some idea what sort of things we will run into in our lives.]

It is really amazing the way in which our mind can think and process. Its sheer ability to pour out some of the most brilliant ideas and schemes ( lets not dwell on the thoughts about the nobility of these  ideas) Well  amidst all this I had a idea that struck me and that was to pen these desolate thoughts of mine.
When it comes to striking a goldmine of  thoughts ,when it comes to that very important idea we are looking for , I realized that we seem to get it in the most strangest of the places. Different people have different approaches to attain their very enlightenment. Its not unusual that Some GET it while traveling, some in their sleep and I get (believe or not)in the Loo.
Yes that's true ,throughout my life whenever I an shot of ideas to solve a problem  it was the Loo that offered the trigger. I don't understand why destiny chose such an unlikely spot but perhaps for the privacy and probably the relief it offers(pun intended)……
I remember scheming my most brilliant moves against my enemies from within the walls of the LOO…Those ideas that made them look like Morons. Even the most formidable of the problems had a n answer o it. Either fix it or find a work around until you find a permanent fix. To be able to solve literally any problem one needs to have his options open …and to have multiple options in the first place is a bliss. My dad always says," Look around with a clear mind and you will find your solutions lying around you, probably in the trash can".
We have a mind with a ability to think @ the speed of light if I may say so..Now only if that speed could be channelised in the right direction else we risk the chances to be more confused than before. WE are all programmed I such a way that every time a problem crops up, we run the "Fight or flight" process.
I belong to the flight club as may be the case a with a lot of you guys. I always considered that by dodging the problem at the moment, I could recollect myself and then take on the fight( which seemingly never happens).Postponement leads to only on thing -postponement and with the asking rate going skywards only till the doomsday arrived.
So what's the solution / why is it that way? I looked for the answer everywhere (literally everywhere) and couldn't find it……….., only to realise that it was within me..I had not looked into myself. Rather went on a futile hunt in places where there was just dismal emptiness.

But an idea or a thought just doesn't happen always , there is always a trigger. A memory perhaps. The mind holds a huge bouquet of memories which smell the most beautiful and yet sting like thorns. The most ironic fact about memories is that they are not our slaves. They happen all the time and are out of our control. One of the most ironic fact about memories is that we seem to remember even the details of a bad memory and  we have faded memories of any good time that we may have had. Ironic indeed ! ! !
As John Milton says,
"The mind is its own place, and in itself
Can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n"

Email & let me know if u liked this or not roger.smithson @

Enough of Technical Bullshit lets have some fun and some nice thoughts

MY MIND IS CHURNING OUT WITH A LOT OF THOUGHTS RIGHT NOW. Well that's what I have drilling with you with .so let me get on with it.

Dreams is something which everyone is fond of. Whether we like to accept or not, everyone dreams. Dreams where we want to be powerful, to be rich , to be something where we are recognized, to be identified. How many of us dream to be in control of things, control of people and in broad terms to be in control of life...hmmmm control of life only if were to be true.

We all dream to a large extent about the good things in life...,materialistic mostly. Most of us dream with closed eyes or some even with eyes wide open. Daydreaming is something we all do. To be lost in the wilderness of our fantasyland where there are no blockades, nothing to stop us from achieving anything we want...( not talking Alice in Wonderland...But you must agree that Lewis Carol had stuck what I called a Goldmine of thoughts)

I had considered my life a lost game. Everything sucked only until I started Daydreaming. Now here was something just like some quick relief drug. I could go to any depths ad have that unfathomable pleasure it gave me. I was the superstar who could act in a movie, play along with sachin,beat the FedEx at his game and do a somersault ala Ronaldinho at the goalpost.
The soldier saving the nymph with ethereal quality, the Greek God  swaying with young nubile... I go on and on but for the fear of that doomsday thought somehow pierced my mind right now.

We are left exhilarated with the experience, with that on the Top of the world feeling. Amazing thing isn't it? I knew of a guy who achievement had been pretty much limited to swatting mosquitoes. But once after he had read the "The Godfather". his behavior changed probably triggered by the dream that he could be all that powerful as the Don. But his dreams had given him that confidence though its usage remained pretty mysterious.
Its quite intriguing to know how the mind works and plays games with us. Wish I could record it and play it all over again and again in a player, but that would take away the very essence out of it.
    So the best thing is to keep on dreaming, `cos it is dreams that no one can steal. It is your kingdom and nothing in the world can come in between. Keep Dreaming.

    As D.H.Lawrence said

"All people dream, but not equally.
Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their mind,
Wake in the morning to find that it was vanity.

But the dreamers of the day are dangerous people,
For they dream their dreams with open eyes,
And make them come true

Email & let me know if u liked this or not roger.smithson @

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Software Jobs are not stressful but most of the time we make it so: Plan to simplify your life

[This is a NON TECHNICAL article - just read it if you have time else go to previous posts]

[Do not try to visualise the context - just read as a no-context poem]

i want you to write as a person who can express what he is going through
write about the difficulties of your life
struggles you've been through or going through
write about things which makes you frustrated
write about all the pain & things which you've lost
write frankly & write to share with everyone.

i wrote this to overcome my frustrutions & to show how i appreciate your support
i get very very much frustrated when I can not write
its because of my life style & no personal reason
due to no exercise , stressful life, long working hours & all unnecesary plans- im stressed , im frustrated & im irritated
i know u might be feeling something similar due to your own circumstances
when you write about it - you heal your self

Writing is something which is natural to both u & me. We dont need to force ourself to write. it just flows naturally. we just need to make up our mind to start doing it

Friday, April 11, 2008

Thank You Blog Visitors You Make My Day

I want to thank each & every visitor who comes to my blog. But It may not be easy.

So I want to thank atleast those people who are reading this blog right now.

Visitors are the only reason why this blog has grown & has survived. Blog visitors are the only inspiration that has kept me to doing updates on this blog.

Though I might have taken time to reply to some of my blog visitors emails - I ask pardon in that case since I've been very much occupied with other priorities for a long time. But I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who visited my blog today - You Make My Day

(Notice that I'm acknowleding your place,country- But I'm not tracking anyone of you & I will never interfere in your privacy. All I can know is from which City or Country you came from . I will Never know who you are what you do until & unless you email & you yourself let me know. So do NOT fear that I'm divulging any personal details here. I'm only appreciating & letting all others know that visitors to this blog came from so many corners of the world. Its really great to see so many visitors from so many different places.

My Dear Visitor , Thank You for visiting from

San Mateo , California , US
Redwood city, California ,USA
Illinois, US
Fishkill, New York,US
Lake Mary, Florida,US
Maia, Porto , Portugal
New Delhi , India
Vizag , Andhra Pradesh , India
Madras , Tamil Nadu , India
Colombo , Srilanka
Bangalore , India

I will keep updating this list. And sure I will update tech posts on this blog as well :)

I will help you but have you done your homework to get that high paying job

I'm always willing to help those who work hard,put sincere efforts, do all that they can do & then come to me for some help. Its encouraging to help such people than those lazy few who want fastest,easiest,richest solution without any efforts from their side.

If you are here looking for a quick rich solution then I'm sorry this may not be the right place for you.

But if you are here having done considerable efforts from ur side. Then you surely can win any Good job by reading some of the blogposts here.Email me all the efforts u've put so far & what way I can help you to get a good job. I will surely do whatever little I can to help you in your Career.

Lots of readers come to this blog for Interview Questions, Some come for Tips of Interview preparations, many come to know the salary in different software companies or to know which companies pay the highest pay . Friends all I can say is you can ensure that you get High salary if you've done the strategic execution of a "Sureshot Winning Plan".

I will be revealing some tips from this "Sure Job Winning Plan" to people who care to email all their friends about this blog "Storage Tutorials Blog" (CC me on your email & I will send you this plan)

If you want free Interview Questions on Storage,Vmware,Networking,System Administration then also email all your friends below links & cc my id

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Beat Recession Get Jobs still in this recession period

For all those who are scaring everybody about recession here is my swift answer. My blog readers & not just my blog readers but many others are still getting jobs.

Recession is a myth.

Yes Yes I know I know people are loosing jobs. US economy is volatile & that is affecting the hiring by companies.

But my question to you is . Are you the kind of person who gives excuses to escape the hardwork & effort required. OR . Are you the person who continues his best effort in attempting to get the best of the jobs.

If you are the positive kinda geek who can say I will find hundreds of jobs if only I have the knowledge. Then I salute you. 'Cause you show the spirit & confidence which brings SUCCESS Sooner.

So friends & dearest blog readers. Thank you for NOT GIVING up. No matter what happens to economy or hiring slow down you still have plenty of jobs. Never loose hope. I will do whatever little help I can to help you get a good job.

But support my efforts by forwarding the links of this blog to all your friends.

Thank you for the time you spent reading this blog I appreciate knowing you through this blog. Keep visiting & I will surely make your visit worthwhile.

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