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Friday, January 19, 2007

Is Storage one among the Highly Paid Jobs technology sector

Many blogreaders emailed asking is this one among highly paid jobs segment.
Answer is Yes - this is ONE among a few of IT segments where the salary is really good. Read below that its not just me who is saying that Pay packages in storage are really good but there are lots of online resources which reassure this statement.

I read this on one of the forums, shared by another SAN pro:
"Deep expertise in EMC, Veritas, HDS, McData, Brocade, etc. is certainly hard to find and well-compensated when it is found. I expect a lot of companies looking for SAN experts are dealing with staff that's been lured away by more money.

I just did my first EMC SAN install about 6 months ago and it's a daunting knowledge base to get into. Since a Dell SAN tech. actually handled the real install and configuration and hand-held me through some of the configuration I really only scratched the surface. He zipped through it like it was completely second nature to him, but he's done hundreds of installs of course.

If you have the opportunity to learn SAN I would absolutely take advantage of it. It appears to me that the demand for storage is insatiable and the more skill one has in managing storage networks the better your future will look. If you don't have the opportunity to learn SAN where you are now you may look at signing up for SAN training courses which, while they will not be cheap, will give a foundation to potentially get a foothold in an environment that needs SAN expertise.-boethius"

Another forum writer with nick cdru said :
"I would encourage you to find a job where you do what you love to do, not necessarily the one where you get paid the highest amount. Remember that jobs like this where people get paid alot, there is usually a reason. Either they are highly skilled at what they do or there is no one that knows what they know. Either way it's not something that you can quickly sit down and read a "Dummies Guide to SANs" and pick up in a afternoon. If it was, there would be a whole lot more people doing it and the salary price would be driven down."

According to another Storage related webportal TechTarget's annual Salary Survey, two new entrants into the top 10 list of titles are storage-related. Storage architect which has leapt from nowhere to score the number three spot, behind only CIOs and Internet architects, reports an average salary of $83,368, and average total compensation of $88,763. The position of storage manager has also appeared on the list for the first time. Coming in at number 8, the job has an average salary of $74,400, with average total compensation coming in at $76,300.

The rising importance of storage-related jobs makes sense, as companies continue to realize the importance of maintaining a solid and reliable infrastructure, and are investing accordingly.

So readers you can realise the importance of a Career in Storage & get going.

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