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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How to get Job in Software Industry:Networking,Unix,Storage any IT domain

If you are searching for a Job in Software industry so here is the good news.This is the only Blog u ever need to read online to get all pointers & information.

Tried & Tested Steps to get Job in IT industry:
1. Be focussed - Start with a plan to get Job
2. Prepare pointers on which domain is ur target & where u have the skills.
3. Prepare Resume/CV - Keep improvising it
4. Learn,Execute & Experience many new concepts/technologies in your target domain
5. Improve your skillset
6. Prepare on the projects which you will include in ur resume/CV
7. Know what are requirements of the job profiles of your interest
8. Improve on the areas which are critical for such job profile
9. Keep taking mock interviews
10.Keep in touch with guys who are in industry & experienced
11.Start attending Interviews - Have preknowledge about the company to which u are going for interviews
12.Even when u fail interviews - Keep your motivation level high
13.Improve on your weakness & Strengthen your Job Profile & knowledge
14. Portray the right attitude towards everyone from ur friends to your interviewers & the HR team
15. Follow up with the interview process

So in next few posts I will reveal how "A Succesful Job Offer Winner" goes with each of thiis step & many more big career secrets/advantages are shared - Keep emailing if you need more help & information.

I have one condition - Share ur knowledge, experience, anything of use to other blog visitors & fellow job hunters & I'll definitely help you - If you are a low headed guy just asking or taking help & never giving anything back - Dont bother to get in touch with me.

I care for people who care for others & I hate the people who just donno how to give something back.

One more good news : If you are willing to share knowledge & any good ORIGINAL postings - I will help you with each of these above said steps to boost your Career.

This blog has more than 150 posts till now & it has most of the info you need to get job so if you want to win read all the PREVIOUS POSTS - Use the "BLOG ARCHIVE" to the top right side & you can see all the articles written.

If you wanna complain or give feedback email me & I appreciate also respect your views.

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