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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Vmware Infrastructure 3 Free Workshop 1 Day Hands-On Lab : VMware VI3 Install & Configure in Bangalore

Hands on Workshop for 1 day on Vmware VI3 in Bangalore, email for registration. Please mention about your tech background,experience,education in your email. Limited number of seats : Only few candidates will be allowed for this FREE 1 Day Vmware VI3 Workshop. Please email early to register your seat for this Free Virtualization hands on lab/workshop.

This Virtualization workshop gives you a very good understanding of the power & features of Vmware Infrastructure 3 Product suite. The date is not yet finalized but will be notified through email to you 1 week ahead of the schedule.

Coverage of the Hands on Lab/Workshop
Vmware VI3 Overview
Installation & Configuration of ESX
Network Configuration in ESX
Storage Configuration in ESX
Virtual Machine Creation & Guest Operating System Installation
Vmotion (Live Migration of a Powered On Virtual Machine)
Vmware HA (High Availability)
VMware DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduling)

This is a very exciting offering as Vmware's virtualization is a very hot technology & getting to see its true powers in a lab is going to be even more exciting. There is a huge growth in Virtualization technology domain. This huge growth is due to the growing problems of Today's & Tomorrow's Data Center issues like :
1. Power constraints ( Even if you have money there is a limit to how much electricity you can get to your Data Centre & that limits the growth of your Data Centre drastically )
2. Cooling ( Very very essential for your Data Centre Infrastructure to function optimally but is going to be expensive & will again need lots of Electricity(Power))
3.Space ( REAL ESTATE costs are growing like anything. More than the Servers,Storage,Network equipment it is the Real Estate cost that is becoming expensive - Data Centres are facing a huge space crunch today & this problem is going to increase exponentially in future )

Virtualization can solve these 3 critical problems effectively & economically. Server Virtualization or Server Consolidation through Host Virtualization can bring a huge savings for Data Centre if implemented,utilized properly. This workshop is an effort to showcase the true benefits of Vmware Virtual Infrastructure 3 which can solve many of the problems including the 3 mentioned above. Please email to register immediately.

Software Career Counselling Personally talk & get guidance from an IT Professional

Many people write to me asking for guidance for their career. It becomes difficult since to guide someone we need to

Understand him/her well,
Understand what are the skillset or expertise this person has
What are the Career aspirations or Goals of the person
How can the person reach those Goals efficiently (Fast)
What should be his/her short term goals
What should be his/her immediate steps & what decisions should he/she make

People always crave to talk to someone about these things & they rarely find anyone. Its hard these days to get someone who has patience to hear about your career plans. Its even harder to get anyone who can guide you for a better career.

More than emails talking to a professional in person can make a big difference & if that professional can give some solid tips thats invaluable. Many of my blog readers email me asking to play such a role but due to personal reasons I will not be able to do that.

I have a friend in Bangalore who had accepted to do this difficult task. He is willing to listen and guide people in person ( All you Bangaloreans can meet & talk to him in person ) or through voice chat (Online). I am still working out all the details for the blog readers as to how they can reach out & get his suggestions. It may take some time for me to write an update on the same. But you can email him at " ".

It has been my experience that anything available for free people just use & forget. It eventually looses its value if something like "Personal Counselling" is given for free. So this service is going to be a paid service. The fee for the same will be decided based on your profile. You need to email your tech,educational details & write about what you need to discusss. You will get a reply back with in 4 days time with a schedule to meet in person or talk through a voice chat. The fee for this IT / Software Career Guidance will also be mentioned in the reply. If you are fine with these details you can confirm & reply back else let the professional know that you can not go ahead with this.

The fee for this service is going to be very nominal thats for sure.

This is not done with an intention of making huge money - a Consulting project can bring better money than doing this for my friend. He is interested to help people especially those who are still in the planning phase for their Software Career. Do write & let your thoughts known on this.

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