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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How To Make Money Online Just Spending Few Hours Everyday

Can a common person really make Money online just spending few hours everyday. May be YES or May be NOT. Many have wasted lots of money and time revolving around this topic. I want to warn all my blog readers "Please DO NOT fall for programs which promise to reveal you the secrets of making $10,000 in 1 month" or $300 per day. I know they are possible but I also know it is not possible for everyone. These programs intention is to only make money by selling you an ebook or some other thing which gives you direction. You Still have to walk a long way and the competition on this segment of "Online Money Making" is so high that many just loose lots of their fortune.
This post if just to warn you and to say that ONLY true effort & dedication can bring results.

A Proper Job is the most easiest way of earning money in the form of salary every month. Atleast it is an assured money if you are working in a Job. But most of the online ventures are filled with uncertainity & complex problems. So guys have a job first build your financial base and backup . When you have enough then you can experiment.

My own friend has lost $1000 and 3 months of time doing all these experiments. He reminded me to post this for all my blog readers.

How To Get Job Interview in Software or Storage Technology

If you have been searching for a Job in IT and struggling to get Interviews, You should read this article. There are many more tips through out this blog which will be a big boost to increase your chance of NOT just getting interviews but also Winning the JOB offer letter.

Few things which make you get Interviews FAST
1. If You Have Your Resume Hosted on some of the major Job Portals AND
2. If your skillsets are very much in demand by many IT/Software/Storage Companies AND
3. If you have properly written your RESUME or CV highlighting what the Companies are looking for AND
4. If you have good working experience on the skills required

All above conditions look very unreasonable for many. Many of my blog readers are not Software Professionals having years of experience in Software or Storage field. Many do not have great skillset or a Resume to showcase them.

So being such a common job hunter how can I get Job Interviews ?

1. If I Help You Will You Work Hard To Prepare Dedicatedly for Interviews ?
2. If there is guidance in emails coming everyday will you be serious enough to follow them so you can reach your Career Goals.
3. Would you be willing to work extra hours to get Results fast.
4. Would you develop your mindset to put extra efforts,hard work,focussed learning to reap the benefits and to find your true potential.

If you can do all the above then I can help You or May be You DONT need any more help. Email me but I would definitely ask you to work hard. I dont believe in short cuts. If you are willing to work hard only then you email else I am really sorry. Keep reading the remaining posts on this blog to get many Interview questions and answers. Also you can find many interview experiences, Job openings. May be you will get some interview some day ? May God Bless You with all the things you Dream for

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