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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Interesting SAN Setup of one of the blog reader -

Hi Roger,

I sent an email to u last week for SAN Guide and still waiting for your erply
Hi Gerry,
Sorry for delayed reply but some how i missed forwarding you the Storage tutorial guide. Please find it attached in this email along with some more additional student reference materials. Now what will u share from ur side :)
People always take help/resources but never do anything in return.

I appreciate if you differ & do contribute any original articles from ur experience for the blogs. I send more useful reference materials to people who contribute original articles to this blog written from their work/tech experience.

Hi. Roger,

How r u doing ? I guess fine. I got ur all three Emails. I am very Grateful to u for sending me such a brilliant material about SAN etc.
I Apologize, if you are hurt from my last Email, I am extremely sorry for that.
And i respect ur thought that, People always take help but never do anything in return. But I am not like that, i will definetly contribute some original articles.
As far as my job profile is concerned, I am a Storage Professional,working in an MNC. I am in this position from last 4years.

im not hurt u were right in ur email - i missed so its my fault im sorry for that

anyway ur reply was really nice & I am happy to have come across a person like you.
how long u've been reading the blog & did it help in anyway
What is your present job role & tasks you are responsible for

plz do write in detail about yourself & ur work challenges & what sort of storage products/vendors u r working with.

About my SAN Setup
Currently i am working on SAN Technology.My SAN setup contains

a) 2 IBM Servers ( eSeries & xSeries) having Operating Systems as RHEL5, SLES,Solaris 10.2 Dell PowerEdge 2950 servers

b) 5 Sunblade 2000 sparc Servers (HP xw 4300 Model) Having Operating system Solaris 9 & Solaris 10.

Sunblade 2000 & Ultra 10.

c) 3 Avocent Console Machines used for monitoring the Servers setup.

d) Storage from Sun Storagetek and EMC2, one is Fibre Channel Storage & another is iSCSI.
RAID Level implemented is RAID-5
No. of Hard Disks in Fibre Storage is 15 each of 200 GB
No. of Hard Disks in iSCSI is 12each of 300 GB

e) 2 Storage Tek Tape Library 1 is Base and the other is expansion (SL500 Model) which contains total 56 slots for Digital Tapes Drives. (40 DLT Used & 16 SDLT used in the slots).

f) SUN ACSLS (Automatic Cartridge system Library Software) Machine (SUN BLADE 2000 Model) It is used to control the Robotic Arm inside the Tape Library.

Below is image of StorageTek Automated Cartridge System (ACS), with robot arms manipulating up to 6,000 tape cartridges

g) 4 Network Switches
1 Brocade Silkworm : 2gbps
1 Qlogic SANbox : 4gbps
2 Intel Gigabit ethernet switch

This is all about the SAN setup on which i am working. My job profile is to maintain the whole Setup like
a) Plan for the setup from the scratch
b) Design & get approvals for the design of the whole infrastructure
c) Procure & Deploy the Servers,Network,Storage,Racks etc
d) Configure & install the whole system
a) To train engineers to monitor the network,storage & servers
b) To maintain the servers,storage & networks.

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Email conversation with one of the Blog reader who is interested in learning more Storage but passionate to work as a programmer

Hi Roger,

Thanks a ton for writing a blog on Storage career opportunities and thanks for sending those Storage tutorial pdf materials.
Though i am working for a storage company for about an year,i am still perplexed with
storage complexities,market requirement, storage technologies
(DAS,NAS,SAN,SCSI,iSCSI to name a few), and i was unsure of my career roadmap as well,but after finding so many kool stuff on your blog,i'm excited with joy and aspiration.

Hi Aron

thanks for your email nice to know your feedback .
So do write more about ur tech experience & how is your work on storage.
what are the challenges& responsibilities you handle.

Hi Roger,

I'm working as a Quality Assurance-engineer( Some call the same designation as Product Verification Engineer or Product Testing Enginner) and my task involves certifying Backup & Volume Manager(which is basically an management interface which ultimately talks to SAS Storage devices & iSCSI drivers)and file system features, using already developed testsuites & testscripts.
(which mean not much is there for me to develop,beside fixing testsetup related bugs)
,beside this i do a little bit of troubleshooting and automation using perl,shell scripts.
Due to lack of bandwidth here (in my organisation) and company policies,i am not able
to sharpen my skills in systems programming and kernel level programming(which is my passion),i'm looking for opportunities where my primary work is doing what i love most(programming).hence i'm looking for such opportunities in storage domain.

Impatiently waiting to hear from you,
Hi Aron

I am sorry for delayed reply. I'd have loved to reply earlier but due to some hectic schedule I got a chance to do that only now. So i understand your mind to some extent. May be few lines from my thoughts may be of some help to You

Since you are saying you are much interested in programming you can gain more expertise in that by participating in some open source storage projects : where u get lot of freedom but the only problem is no pay :)

So if you are aiming for getting into a job where they pay well & allow you to code then I would say gain more in depth knowledge on as much storage fundamentals as u can - this way you can clear lots of Bigger storage company interviews which pay well & they definitely need someone to come for programming role for their storage business solutions.

So improve your programming skills as well as gain very good grip on major storage concepts like Fibre Channel,SAN,iSCSI,FS Switches,Storage arrays etc & then I can send you some documents to help you get going on these.

write to me what is your expected pay package if u wanna change & whats the present pay.I will see if there are any chances for something to be done to help you.

I do not want to promise much but if you work hard & constantly email me your progress I can definitely guide you to some extent - But ultimately I like to see long emails detailing what you are studying & how you are learning things & gaining more expertise :

I may publish some of our conversation on the blog (Removing all personal details & other confidential details) so I want people who share lot of tech stuff from their side & I will help them as much as I can


Hi Roger,

Thanks a lot for sharing words of wisdom with me.
Those pdfs are really kool, thanks again.

I work on SGI ,Solaris ,Linux platform and work closely with Volume managers.
Recently i got some Vmware virtualization exposure and these days i'm trying to explore more about it.
Thank god we have ,which is an awesome site with zillions of information on vmware virtualization
and beyond. I've learned a lot from forums at this site.This is a must visit site and i must say that if anyone is serious to learn Vmware ESX Server or Virtual Centre and art of troubleshooting then join forums here.

Also whenever i get time, i practice programing.
I'm almost done with "Advanced programming in UNIX" by Richard Stevans,which
gave me good insight of UNIX APIs.
Beside this i'm reading some books on OS and Linux kernel,which are:
a) "Modern Operating Systems" by Andrew S. Tanenbaum
b) "Linux Kernel Development" by Robert Love.
c) "Linux Device Drivers" -3rd Edition

Roger, Thanks for taking out your precious time and writing to me.I'll certainly keep you updated with my latest learnings and experience in storage domain.


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