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Friday, August 25, 2006

SAN jobs or Storage Area Network Jobs - How You Can Get

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Storage Area Network Jobs for you,

If you are interested in SAN then we can help build your career in this exciting & very promising technology field. The huge demand for Storage area Network engineers or tech persons is going to increase exponentially and you will witness it soon. Right now the requirement for this industry is like 100 to 1000 SAN Tech persons per company and there are atleast 40 to 200 companies who have their business built around SAN. But the available storage tech persons are not even 10% of the total industry requirement it is just a mere 3.6 % .

So you have a huge opportunity to build a very exciting career in storage area networking field . Get started now - We have lots of free resources to help you achieve success in SAN jobs.

Here follows a short tutorial on Storage Area Network Fundamentals - Keep reading & come back to this blog because every day we will update this blog twice & you will find very informative & useful posting - YOu will get surprise gifts also .

If You Like to See more such articles Plz add comments in this blog - also send a mail to - You will get a personalised training and A FREE - Jobs within a week - Secret blog access.Find more information on Storage Area Network tutorials or SAN tutorials coming in this blog.

A simple case study courtesy veritas software - who is a major in SAN industry

Success Stories in Storage Area Networks Using VERITAS Software
- West Chester University of Pennsylvania

The Customer
West Chester University in West Chester, Pennsylvania, currently serves nearly 12,000
undergraduate and postgraduate students. The University has a rich history, with roots tracing back nearly 200 years to 1812, and in fact, portions of the treelined campus are listed on the National Register of Historical Places. However, the IT department at West Chester University is dealing with the very modern issues surrounding backup and restore processes for its rapidly changing IT infrastructure.

The Challenge
By mid-1998, six Microsoft NT servers were powering West Chester’s Microsoft
Exchange Email system and PeopleSoft financial modules, the first deployment in a campuswide PeopleSoft implementation over Oracle 8.0.5. “The technical team considered backing up all this data across the campus network to a mainframe system,” said Bob Gentile, director of Technology integration for West Chester. “But this turned out to be impractical since the backup process would virtually never have stopped.” With additional NT servers planned to be brought online as the PeopleSoft implementation proceeded, both performance issues and administrative overhead would need to be addressed. West Chester started investigating storage area networking as a better way to back up and restore data. “Our primary motivation for implementing a SAN was not only to shrink this huge backup window,” says Gentile, “but to centralize the management of our storage resources, and provide an NT enterprise storage management solution.”

The Solution
In November of 1998, West Chester implemented a LAN Free backup SAN solution. Bob and his team decided to carefully build their SAN in stages, using it to support the most critical applications first. As a result, they chose to move the back up and restore processes for their PeopleSoft financial servers off of the campus network and onto a Fibre Channel-based SAN. The Microsoft Exchange servers were connected to the Fibre ring, but would continue to back up to local tape units until the PeopleSoft modules were in place. The three servers dedicated to the PeopleSoft modules were connected to a Fibre Channel loop using a Compaq Fibre Channel Hub-12, which was attached to a Compaq Fibre Channel Tape Controller, allowing shared connectivity to a 15-cartridge Compaq DLT Library. Using VERITAS Backup Exec Shared Storage Option™ software, backup processes were automated to the Compaq library, thus removing backup traffic from the production LAN. The three Microsoft Exchange servers continued to back up data locally. The difference in performance was immediate and dramatic.
“We estimate it took twenty times as long to back up our data over the Ethernet network as it does to back up over the Fibre Channel SAN,” said Gentile. And he and his staff have the numbers to prove it. Since November of 1998, West Chester has recorded performance of over 400 MB per minute (or approximately 26 GB per hour) over the Fibre Channel SAN. According to Backup Exec reports, one of the Fibre Channel–connected servers is able to back up 1 GB of data in approximately six minutes. By contrast, it takes another server 117 minutes to back up only 900 MB of information over Ethernet.

Added Gentile, “we’re very pleased with the speed and ease of use of the new architecture implemented by Veritas softwares.”

Job opportunities in SAN - Storage area networking

Bob and his staff have plans to expand their SAN with additional Oracle/PeopleSoft servers, and by moving the existing three Exchange servers to Fibre Channel. The University has already purchased VERITAS’ Oracle and Exchange Agents for Backup Exec, but backup over the SAN is so fast that full server backups are also possible. Summary SANs can be used to improve backup and recovery performance, as well as minimizing disruption to applications today. West Chester University of Pennsylvania was able to relieve its backup burden by carefully implementing a LAN Free backup SAN in stages. By identifying and prioritizing the problem areas in their data center, Bob and his staff are able to not only ensure that the starter configuration is robust enough to deploy, but is also delivering a significant return on the investment before proceeding to the next stage.
For more information on implementing a LAN Free backup solution for your NT, NetWare or UNIX network.

Job Salary in SAN industry - How much SAN jobs pay

West Chester University in Pennsylvania

West Chester University in West Chester, Pennsylvania, currently serves nearly 12,000
undergraduate and postgraduate students.

System Configuration
Six Microsoft NT servers run Microsoft Exchange Email and PeopleSoft financial modules over

Oracle 8.0.5. Backup and restore processes operated over a SAN using Compaq’s DLT 35/70 Tape Library, Fibre Channel Hub-12, and Fibre Channel Tape Controller with VERITAS Backup Exec Shared Storage Option™ software.

Business Benefits
Increased performance and centralized management of storage resources.

Here is a Video on one of the company's product in SAN - Compellent Technologies.

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Storage Area Networking jobs or SAN Jobs

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