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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Solaris Interview questions with answers for Storage professionals

31) How will you set a default router ?
A) # /etc/defaultrouter

32) How to remove all current routes and assign as default router?
A) # route flush
# route add default

33) How to change the network settings ?
A) # sys-unconfig

34) What all does the NVRAM store?
A) Ethernet Address / Host ID / Time of Day (TOD) clock and EEPROM Parameters

35) Where are all the port numbers stored?
A) Port numbers are stored in /etc/services

36) Where are eeprom file stored ?
A) /usr/sbin/eeprom

37) Some important NIS commands :
1) # ypcat hosts à Prints info from hosts database
2) # ypmatch host1 hosts à Match individual host entries
3) # ypmatch user1 passwd
4) # ypwhich à Returns NIS master server.

38) Controlling the tape drive ?
1) mt –f /dev/rmt/0n à ‘n’ indicates no rewind.

39) What are the network utilities ?
1) snoop à To capture network packets & display contents
2) netstat –i à Displays state of Ethernet address
3) ndd command à Set & examine kernel parameters namely TCP/IP drivers.

40) Network Configuration :
1) /etc/resolv.conf : Contains Internet domain name, name server and search order.

2) /etc/nsswitch.conf : Specifies information source from files, NIS, NIS+ or DNS

3) /etc/hostname.[int](hme0|eri0|le0] : IP v4 host

4) /etc/nodename : IP v6 host

5) /etc/inet/hosts : Host namefile (/etc/host links to this file)

6) /etc/inet/netmasks : TCP/IP subnet router

7) /etc/inet/protocols : Network protocols

8) /etc/inet/services : Network service name & port numbers

9) /etc/notrouter : Create this file to prevent in.routed or in.rdiscd from starting at boot time

10) /etc/inet/inetd.conf : Internet super daemon config file

11) To change hostname / ip address :


41) How to configure interfaces at boot time>
A) /etc/rcS.d/ file à This script is run each time system is booted. It uses ifconfig utility to configure each interface with IP add & other network info.It searches for files called : hostname.xxn in /etc where xx à int type & nà instance of interface.

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