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Saturday, January 20, 2007

400 Interview Questions on Storage,Veritas Volume Manager,Solaris,Networking,Testing for $15

This is a single word file containing Real Interview Questions with Answers for more than 400 Interview Questions on the below topics
- Storage Technology & Data Management
- Veritas Volume Manager
- Solaris,Linux,Unix - System Administration
- Networking
- Storage & Software Testing

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Also as a bonus you will get links to some of the most popular & useful tech videos which are detailed Tutorials on the above said topics.

Salary in Software Companies in India,delhi,noida,bangalore,chennai,mumbai

Salary Package in Software Companies in India

After receiving lots emails about salaries in India, I thought of gathering some more facts from aquintances in indian companies, recruiters and others who have been involved in IT placement sector. This is a very ROUGH estimate & not to be taken as serious data.Indian Salary are based on the concept of CTC ( Cost to Company ) and that makes it very hard to compare offers of any two IT companies. There are companies that include every detail including their contribution to PF(Provident Fund), and other companies that try to be fair by including only the real components that are being given to you.

There seems to be offers which include performance bonus in the overall offer with a clause that it is based on overall performance of the company. MNC's and some companies do not play these games, so you are better off taking their offers as the baseline. I tried to eliminate the performance components in the calculations below. Be wary of some companies that include variable components into CTC.

General Salary Ranges in some software companies are listed below.. [ Most companies fall into this range including Big companies like satyam, infosys, wipro ... ]. Numbers below are estimated CTC in terms of Salary Per Annum in INR(indian rupees) where 1 Lakh is 100,000INR.

Entry Level / Fresh Graduates [ 0 to 2 years ] : 2.5 to 4.8 Lakhs. I have seen this being as high as 6 Lakhs in Bangalore.
Junior Positions [ 1 to 4 years ] : 3.5 to 7 Lakhs
Mid level [ 3 to 6 years ] : 5 to 11 Lakhs
Sr Level [ 6 and Above, Project Manager, Lead etc ] : 9 to 17 Lakhs [ Too much competition for these jobs ]
Leadership [ Delivery, Operations, HR etc. 12+ Years ] : 15 to 25 Lakhs [ Internal candidates get the first preference here. ]
Sr. Leadership [ Operations Head, VP etc ]: 18 to 45 Lakhs
Executive Leadership [ SVP, COO of Biz Unit etc.] : 35 to 70 Lakhs
C Suite of Company [ Country Head, CEO, CFO, CTO ] : Heard of offers ranging from 2 to 7 Crores. This cannot be confirmed, but most recruiters seem to agree with this range.

Now to some spicy cases :

* Entry level offers in 2006 by Microsoft are around 9.5 Lakhs, Google at 12.5 Lakhs, Amazon at 7.5 Lakhs. They are only focusing on top grade schools including the IIT's. Interviews are hard to get through.
* Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo etc., dont seem to care about the money as long as the candidate is the right fit for their Organization.Some examples I heard of include 25+ Lakhs for testing lead, and around 35+ Lakhs for a Sr. Developer, 78+ Lakhs for a Director.
* MBA's of indian schools like IIM , ISB etc., are starting around 20 Lakhs and going all the way to 1.5 Crores. There were recent examples of 2 MBA grads rejecting a 1 Crore offer to pursue their own enterprise.
* Also companies like Oracle, CSC etc., offering beyond the above grid to attract mid and senior level talent. They have large plans for India and are unable to meet the internal demand.

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