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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Confused to Clarity to Comprehension to Comfort to Confident - Fino's Five

here is an email I recieved from Fino - which had some real useful info so thought of sharing with you with Fino's permission. Fino's email is below

I have something I use in my workshops. I teach workshops for customers that are unemployed ... plus I do 1:1 sessions with my customers ... helping them with their resumes, counseling them, and identifying job referrals for them.

Years ago ... I used to teach computer classes at a business college. We had students that would eventually graduate ... after a 6 month program and sometimes after a 9 month program.

I made up something I call:

Fino's Five C's

- Confused
- Clarity
- Comprehension
- Comfort
- Confident

Every week my students would go through Fino's Five C's. Monday ... we'd cover some "totally new material" ... whether in WordPerfect or Lotus 123 or classes like that. Keep in mind ... this was back in 1993 and 1994.

My students would be "totally confused" on Monday as we discussed lots of new topics, etc. By Tuesday after doing some homework on Monday evening ... thinks would look ... "a little bit clearer" ... and the smoke ... would start to clear somewhat ... so to speak.

By Wednesday ... as we were discussing new material ... the students would start to knod their heads ... because by now ... the material was actually starting to make some sort of sense to them ... and they were actually starting to "comprehend" the material.

By Thursday ... I would give my students a quiz. They would take the quiz ... and then work on some more homework ... while I graded everyone's quizes. At the end of class ... we would go over their quizzes ... and use the review ... for prepping for their "test on Friday". My students would go home and study on Thursday evenings.

On Friday ... I would always give a "test". Invariably ... all of my students would ace the test and usually get 95's and 100's on their tests. The would now be totally "confident" on the same material that they found totally "confusing" on the previous Monday.

The following Monday ... they'd be right back in "Confused" mode when we'd take up some totally new material. After a while ... my students ... got comfortable with the fact that they were going to be "confused" on Mondays .... because they knew that by Friday ... they would be in Confident mode.


Here's the cool thing about Fino's Five C's ...

All these years later ... I am still using "Fino's Five C's". I use them now when teaching workshops to our unemployed customers. I let them know that they are going to be "confused" ... when they first come into our centers ... looking for work.

Literally by the end of the week ... after coming to our workshops ... and spending time in our centers ... we will have moved them from 'confused" to "confident" ... and soon they will be getting a new job ... & moving on with their lives and careers.

Fino's Five C's ... helps them "be okay" with the fact that they will be "confused" at first ... but let's them know ... they will get to "confident" ... if they just plug into the system and "allow things to happen" for them.

I've also shown them ... that when they interview for a job & get the job ... as soon as they start their new job ... they will be back to the first "C" in Fino's Five C's ... but "it's okay" ... because it's just a matter of time ... before they will work there way back to the final "C" ... "Confident" ... ;-)

I've had many past students of mine tell me ... "Fino, if it hadn't been for Fino's Five C's ... I may never have graduated" ... ;-)

I hope you find this helpful ... ;-)


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