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Monday, June 20, 2011

Webinar on "Working in US Getting Paid thousands of US dollars per month"

Webinar on "Working in US Getting Paid thousands of US $s per month"

I am seriously writing a book on "How To Get Software Job & How To Double Your Salary in IT Job" .
I thought I need to get more people to contribute their writing,experiences to this book.

So here is a way to encourage all of you to contribute to my Book ( and Im stating now itself that all the writings will be copyrighted by me including any of your contribution :)

As a push to encourage you to contribute Im doing a Live Webinar on a very Interesting Topic.

This is NOT a formal webinar - this is a very informal discussion sharing from some of my experiences.
Disclaimer: For all facts you are encouraged to check all other sources(websites/legal experts/overseas consultants) & not just rely on what I say.
I'm not responsible for your decisions and their consequences -i'm talking about the decisions you take based on what you get to know from this webinar.
You must reach out to other sources of information to get all facts clarified before taking any critical decisions related to your Immigration,Career,Future.
I'm not an expert on this topic but Im sharing few thoughts from my own & my known people's experiences after being in US for a year.

Majority of people are interested to visit USA atleast once as a Tourist.

Some of the people are keen to come to US & Get a Job working as a Software Engineer/IT Professional in an US company.

For those who are interested to "Get into US & work in US" - they have lots of confusion & concerns since no one properly shares info

For such who are interested in this topic I'm planning to do a Live Webinar where you can get to listen on some of the below topics

- Are there still Jobs in US - Yes there are even in recession I've seen companies hiring & lots of interview scheduled ( I will talk about the kinds of jobs for which hiring is still ongoing)
- Is working in US better than your own or any other country companies in terms of experience, tech exposure - definitely - I will elaborate on this in the webinar
- How to get into US so that you are legally eligible to work (Visa stuff - few tips in this area - as its really vast - very little coverage on this area as you will be given links to websites which go in depth on this topic discussion)
- Visa related links (websites which share the info)
- Once you are in US with work visa - How to get job in US (preparing for the interviews)
- How are the interview process in US
- What different options you have to work in US ( types of job - contract, permanent ,internship,freelance - etc) - which ones are better
- How much salary you can expect for say a 3 yr / 4 yr/ 5 yr IT professional
- Is there good scope for technology which you've worked on in india( technologies like Storage,Virtualization,Software testing, Database administration etc)
- How are the interview process
- Joining as a Consultant(on contract) vs Joining as a Fulltime Permanent employee which option is better
- Are there really people being hired even for Fulltime positions - Do you have a chance of getting hired as a permanent employee in an US company ?
- How are the magnitude of companies - Startups, Small enterprises, Large multi nation corporations etc
- Importance of documentation ( Legal papers, your Education documents, your work experience & other legal documents)

There are lots of people who are working in their own city/Country or any other part of their Country -
There are people who love their own city/Country or any other part of Country where they already have a decent paying Job

If you love being in your own city/Country & dont want to leave it then dont bother to attend this webinar.

But if you are seriously thinking of trying your luck in getting to US on work visa & trying for a job in US - then this webinar may give you a little bit of Information.
You still have to take a lot more action, research, followup to actually make it happen - its not simple but its also not impossible

Realise the effort & luck you need to have to get the opportunity of working in US.

So if you are interested to attend this webinar you have 2 options

Option 1 - You need to write 5000 word article ( you can divide it into 500 word 10 articles - each article with 500 words) - Write about your work experience, best & worst moments of your IT work experience, how you struggled to get your job, how you progressed & changed jobs, what you look for in your next job, what are you doing to get your next/dream job

Option 2 - Pay US $ 47 Rs [Limited time discounted price - Actually priced at US $ 197 ] & you dont have to bother writing any article - you can attend the webinar with this payment.
[This limited price holds true only till 24th of this month - Price will be increased after that if you want to attend - so take action & take this opportunity if you feel it worthy]

PLEASE NOTE- After you choose either Option1 or Option2 & attend the webinar whether you are satisfied with the content - discussion of the webinar or NOT(whether you are satisfied with this webinar or not satisfied) - there is NO refund of your payment & no return of article ownership.Once you submit articles we completely own the right to your article & you can legally giveup your rights.

Also - those who choose Option 1 - you are completely giving away the rights of your article to ME. I own complete ownership of your article & I can use it in my book or website or videos. I will try to protect your privacy(will change names & details so some of your personal info is not given away). But I will be completely owning the copyright of your submitted article & You will no longer claim any royalty over it. You must finish the 5000 words article within 5 days as Webinar is going to arranged in a very short notice.

Long back a student of mine paid US $1,000 to learn something from me - he then with some other's guidance went to US & is working now in US with a salary which is US $3000 on hand(take home). Another student of mine paid US $1,200 for a training on a technical topic & he went to Dubai & is working in Dubai & other parts of UAE with a salary of US $3500(take home). Definitely these are NOT typical results. Not everyone can be succesful like them. Because it requires a LOT of hard work , lot of action & a lot of luck - right timing too.
Its just like a high salary job - just because its tough that does not mean you have to stop trying for it. Instead you have to try with as much discipline & dedication as possible - if you dont get it atleast you may improve a bit more from your present situation . I see lot of people who got job spending their life lazily without worrying about future or progress.

Instead you can take some initiative - which MAY or MAY NOT give some results in a long run. Nothing wrong in taking a little risk & trying a little more.

Knowledge is precious. Knowledge is priceless. The fee Im asking to share this knowledge is not a lot.

I may increase the fee very soon & dont complain if you dont get a chance to attend the webinar at this discounted price.

If you are interested email & write in detail about
Which option you choose to attend this webinar.

Its important that you email below info - for us to better understand you:
Write about which company, technology you are working on, what are your ambition with your job/career, what are your expectations from your career, what are you doing to reach those expectations - what other things you want to share - or discuss. Write as much in detail as possible. Do not write 1 line or in lesser words. The less we know its hard for us to understand you.

Webinar time, date & other details will be sent ahead of time.

incase if you paid/written required articles for this webinar & missed attending it - you will be informed later what alternate option you have. But you MUST try to attend this live webinar as much as possible. DO NOT demand for your time of convenience. Treat this as a one time only webinar & if you miss - you wont get any refund. I may share a small portion of the info (website links for visa) with you.

Email us if you need any more info :


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