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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How to get an offer Letter with a big Salary in Storage industry

Video of Blade Servers for Storage from SunMicrosystems :

I am recieving quite few resumes from people interested in Storage Area Networking or SAN jobs. One of my blog visitor asked me to help him improve his resume & you can see my reply below. I took his old resume which was not in great shape & improved it.

If u read this long blog u can find below attached snaps of his previous resume & my improved resume . Since I had very little info I have not done a great job of improving but I just wanted you guys to know that I AM WILLING TO HELP YOU IN YOUR CAREER - Send me your email NOW :).

If you want me to help you just send me a mail if posible with ur resume & write me in detail how can I help you .
Regarding the attached Resume Private/Confidential info from the resume are obscured or changed in respect to the privacy of my blog visitor's identity - All personal Info are completely changed .

Below is my email as Reply to my Blog visitor :

Hi Dear Blog Visitor,

Dont get amazed at many mails from me You have a Big Surprise at the end this long mail - Your PowerPacked New Resume is ready.
I was just going thru your CV which u emailed me and it needs a complete Revamp :) I am willing to do it but I want a small favour.

Plz write anything about your work any troubleshooting procedure or as you said how was your experience of managing & maintaining Sun,Storagetek,IBM SAN products . If you are worrying about Company confidentiality we can change name of the company
to something & change all personal details. But it will be really nice if you can write something even on general Storage topics from your experience which you allow me to publish on this blog .

As you have been into many roles of not just Administering, Planning and Implementing various Enterprise Storage Technology Products & Business Solutions but also developing new teams & mentoring many new guys I am damn sure you will have lot to share .

We can overcome any issues if you can discuss them with me .
I truly encourage you to share your knowledge with others - You will be building a fan following :) for your self .

WHAT I EXPECT : Just send me plain emails of your own articles (no copy-paste from web plz) & let me know what I can publish on my blog I will do the rest of the work for you.

AS A REWARD - PLZ SEE I HAVE DONE QUITE SOME IMPROVEMENT TO YOUR RESUME - Let me know your feedback & I am willing to improve it more :)

I am attaching only Printscreen snapshots of your Latest Improved Resume which are reduced in photo quality - But when you see the complete Resume with full quality content you will Really go crazy at How Best this Resume can get you High Paying Job and you will have atleast 3 to 5 offer letters to choose from within next 30 days if you keep in touch with me.

I will send you the doc format of your resume as soon as you write atleast 1 technical article for me from your real experience (Please no copy-paste from web plz). I have put 4 Hours to improve your resume if you want to pay back plz write more to me & I will do much more for you. Hope you understand that I'm not trying to make any sort of profit but asking you to share your knowldge openly on this blog so I can help thousands of jobless people out there.

I could do very little with available info from your previous resume but if u can send me more detailed tech info on what exactly u do/know & which tasks u handled I can add more FIRE & PUNCH to your resume. DEFINITELY ALL YOUR PERSONAL INFO WILL BE COMPLETELY PROTECTED .

See attached Images & Be ready to be surprised.




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