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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Storage job interview - How will be a Real Interview

Each Company will follow a little different strategy for hiring a storage Proffessional still below information will give you a big advantage to prepare well for the actual interview.Storage is very vast technology area if you are appearing for a Storage Testing Professional's interview, Inertviewer will try to assess your abilities in the following segments.

1) Domain
2) Platforms or Operating Systems
3) Development or Testing Skills

Domain: Interviewer tries to know which part of storage you are working with or had worked earlier .You might say SAN Product test engineer,Firmware driver Test Engineer or Protocols testing Engineer. They try to assess which is your core area of working if you are a SAN Product Test Engineer they may ask about the architecture of the product ,how do you install it, how do you test it.What is the Protocols supported and what all topologies it can manage.
If you are Firmware or Driver testing engineer you will asked in Firmware and Driver model , installation ,how you test firmware for stability and their compatibilty with different OS'es.If you are Testing Protocols they might want to ask how you setup the framework for testing the protocols ,which are the tools you are using .

2) Platforms or Operating Systems.

Here they try to know how many OS's you have worked on and what extent you know them,in any company they expect you to know atlest more than 2 OS'es very well.
They might ask how you can install os'es with 3rd party drivers,how to use I/O and some configuration mangement tools.Also questions about where to find debug messeges is very frequent.

3)Core Skill :
If you were a SAN developer they might ask many questions relevant to your development aspects - questions on the programming languages, scripts, Your Configuration management etc
If you are a SAN Tester they might ask you questions on testing ,life cycles and defect tracking tools and automation tools if you know any.

Thanks to DELL - Video from a Manager on NAS ( Network Attached Storage )

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