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Sunday, October 08, 2006

How to get job in software industry : SAN jobs is for you

How can I get a job in Storage Area Networking ?

This is the question with which I started my quest. Well all of you will ask this question in one or other contest like " How can I get a Job in Software Industry ?" or "How can I get a high paying job ?". We may help you :) just send an email to -recieve sample SAN resume, Videos, Tutorial PDFs, Downloadable MP3, REAL SAN JOB INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & their Answers.

Welcome to this blog where I will help you in this journey from a Newbie to a Software Professional. Our focus is SAN as this is a NOT-SO saturated segment where you can get a job if you work as per our strategy.

STRATEGY: Getting a High paying Storage JOB

1. Build a simple resume with a basic profile in Storage Tech.
2. Research and Gather Projects on SAN which you can handle (in interviews :) this is the main topic on which you will get most of questions.
3. List the skillset around SAN ( which you can build in the little time you have - overcome your laziness buddy - If you want that job you need to work hard.)
4. Review your Resume & improvise so that you achieve a balance between - Amount of Learning Curve involved to master the technology - VS - Job or industry requirements.
5. Start STUDYING ( the hardest part and you will Love it once in JOB ).
6. Work on Lab or your scaled down lab ( Setit Up ) .
7. Attend seminars/workshops and get to know more about the practical exposures.
8. GO through hundreds of webcasts , podcasts and more PDF tutorials .
9. Start attending mock interviews (DO NOT MISS THIS DUDE).
10.Start preparing for the REAL interviews.
11.Improvise your resume and post on monster,dice,and all those big job portals
12.Be prepared for all the telephonic rounds or the initial filtering.
13.Attend your First Real Company interview ( Get squashed :)
14.Come back cheer up again - Start relearning with more zeal.
15.Attend more mock interviews and the real interviews.

I am 100% sure that if you have the guts to attend just 5 REAL COMPANY INTERVIEWS you can SURELY GET A GOOD SALARIED REAL OFFER LETTER.

I have more than 50 people who are Real Life Examples that this strategy works


All we want you to do is write about your present status & what you plan to aim & how you want us to Help You. Write to me at
Send your resume & tell us more about your job/salary expectation - I will do all the stuff to help you better your life ( Give me considerable time to help you achieve your aim - thats all I ask )

Please write your feedback on this blog we appreciate your feedback A LOT .

Each of the below given links contains VIDEO SECTION with very COOL & useful videos.

1.What is SAN ?

2.What are the JOB opportunities in SAN ?
3.Which are the companies in SAN and How much they pay ?
4.How Can I Enter SAN industry ?
5.What are the tasks of a SAN professional- How will be a day in his office life?
6.How will be a SAN job interview ?
7.SAN or Storage engineer position - Interview questions : Series1
8.Real SAN Interview questions with answers: Series2
9.Answers for SAN interview questions Series1.
10.Tell me about some Job Openings in SAN or Storage industry?
11.Do You Want to see an Enterprise SAN infrastructure - Thanks to Dell - Watch this informative Video - See a High End Lab

VIDEO SECTION for this post:
nVidia (Graphic chip Manufctr.-See the big machines in their Lab)

A great video explaining the internals of Sunfire Server (Sun Microsystems)

IBM's Linux Ad is somewhat different check it out :

For FUN : How many Gadgets we need to maintain our Tech Job.

Your Comments or Questions regarding this blog are welcome.
EMail roger.smithson AT ( replace AT with @ )

Keep reading - We update new information daily about jobs in Storage Area Networking.

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