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Thursday, August 31, 2006

How can I get entry into a Storage Area Networking Job ?

SAN Expert answers for this top storage jobs question :

See below the kind of opportunities available for you in SAN industry

SAN Design and Deployment Engineer.
SAN Administrator.
SAN Applications developer.
SAN device driver and Firmware development engineer for different components such host controllers,Arrays,Switches.
SAN Support Engineer.
Backup and Recovery Administrators.
SAN testing engineers.

Find more information on Storage Area Network tutorials or SAN tutorials coming in this blog.

SAN Design & Deployment Engr : If you aspire to be a software architect & if you have the right skill for the same - this is a role you can fit into. Well this is something which needs atleast 1-2 years of SAN experience interms of actual hands on exposure in deployment of SAN infrastructure. ( We will include some Real Life implementation details & lots of graphics to help you understand this better )

SAN Administrator : Are you good in networking and system administration then there are loads of SAN administrator openings ( We will post the job requirements for each of these requirements in our future postings)

SAN Applications developer : If u r good in development of C/Unix or say any programming then you can very well fit into this role - U just need to have a good understanding of SAN fundamentals & very good programming skillset.

SAN device driver and Firmware development engineer for different components such host controllers,Arrays,Switches : All those embedded systems experts here is a golden opportunity for you - If you have good experience in device driver and Firmware development and though you are new to SAN you still are very much in demand . Yes you can get very good salary for your high skills.

SAN Support Engineer : Freshers here is a silver line for you - This is the most easiest way for a job hunter to get into SAN jobs. Yes it is not a high demanding job initially and it is not too tough and it is actually going to help you build your career. A support engineer in SAN is expected to have a fair SAN exposure ( YOu will get training once you join so dont worry :) . He is responsible to handle customer service requests & will be on call to resolve those technical issues and will build his expertise along the way - You get promotions and big pay as well .
No - This is not a call center kind of job. But this is far better interms of helping you learn as well as Earn in a technical environment.

Backup and Recovery Administrators : take any software industry they need a "Backup and Recovery Administrator" actually they need many. So this is also very much suited for freshers & new comers. We will go into details about this job requirement & how can a newcomer start his preparation to get a job in some similar roles. SAN Jobs are great for anyone to build their tech as well as domain knowledge.

SAN testing engineers: Testing Engineers in SAN this job is sooo much in demand that We are planning to have a detailed blogpost entirely on this subject. For time being - yes this is also very much suited for freshers/newcomers and compared to all other jobs this is an easy to get , easy to win the interviews kind of jobs. So u can get started in this segment if you are too lazy to work hard for other roles described above.

We will have more postings coming twice daily so keep reading & refer more people to read this SAN jobs blog.

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Thanks to Apex Networks here is a video on RAID5 -vs- RAID 6

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dinesh said...

this is absolutely fantastic opportunity for people like me .those are bit new to SAN . i really appriciate your time and afforts. could you please provide some more reading materials and video tutorials on SAN?

beerinder said...

i have been wanderin around on d net for SAN info, dis truly is one of d most guiding blogs i hav been to. Keep up d gud work, sir.
eager to know more. n thnx

Roger said...

Thanks for the comment - Let me know what topics or articles you would like to see more on this blog so we can address your interest & be more useful. The main focus of this blog is to help Job seekers find all information they need to Win that high paying Tech job - So I will keep working towards that goal.

Renga said...

I am a hpux administrator.
I like to do some certiication on veritas.(Netbackup).
I like to change my profile towards veritas and i need some suggestions and details for veritas certification documents and pdf to study and get the certification.


SRIDHAR said...

Hi Roger, Thanks for the tremendous work you are doing for the storage community. I found the blog really useful for everyone, as this offers very good articles and videos related to Storage. I try to read the blog whenever I get time at office and home.

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