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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Looking for a Software Job - Find high paying Storage Job

Hi Job Hunter ,

A Fast & Easy Solution to help you get a high salary job in storage area network field. Yes this is a Software job & you can make more than 20 K or sometimes more than 40 K per month . So how to get that software job - We are going to have a daily dose of very effective information - A Real Software professional working in SAN industry is going to reveal all secrets to help you get into SAN job.

So starting with this week - You will find an Audio interview ( downloadble mp3) of a real interview with SAN pro who will answer some of the questions you wanted to ask . His answers will have loads of content with tips . Some of the questions that are asked are given below :

1. From the point of view of a Job seeker - what are the opportunities in SAN industry ?
2. How are the salary structure or Package range in Storage Jobs ?
3. How can some one get entry into a Storage area networking Job ?
4. What are the each job segments which u answered in above questions look like ?
( U might answer SAN Network admin , SAN device drivers programmer , SAN support engineer , Storage testing engineer for 3rd question - can u define each of these roles so any new person to SAN segment can understand what is expected in storage job requirements )
5. How is a regular day go with u as a SAN engineer - Can u describe how will be your routine at job - so the visitors can understand - What happens in a SAN industry engineers' daily tasks.

Guys if u want to ask any more questions do post in the comment & we will definitely get them all answered.Find more information on Storage Area Network tutorials or SAN tutorials coming in this blog.

Good news is the audio interview will also be posted here in text so the visitors can read the whole conversation as well as download the mp3 audio file for later listening.

Keep visiting this blog daily - Because we will have lots of updates daily.

If You Like to See more such articles Plz add comments in this blog - also send a mail to - You will get a personalised training and A FREE - Jobs within a week - Secret blog access.

Storage or SAN Jobs blog - Helps you get a Good Software Job

This blog with more than 50 pages written by a Real working Software Professional can boost your Career.
let me know whats your present career plan and let me know how can i help you.

I will send u more details on SAN to help you build your Career but if u can go thru all the pages of my blog u can find almost all the info u need, for some of them are like

Storage Resume or System Administration Resume

Storage Resume or System Administration Resume

1.What is SAN ?

2.What are the JOB opportunities in SAN ?
3.Which are the companies in SAN and How much they pay ?
4.How Can I Enter SAN industry ?
5.What are the tasks of a SAN professional- How will be a day in his office life?
6.How will be a SAN job interview ?
7.SAN or Storage engineer position - Interview questions : Series1
8.Real SAN Interview questions with answers: Series2
9.Answers for SAN interview questions Series1.
10.Tell me about some Job Openings in SAN or Storage industry?
11.Do You Want to see an Enterprise SAN infrastructure - Thanks to Dell - Watch this informative Video - See a High End Lab

Google TechTalk VIDEO : Becoming a Software Testing Expert

Open Source event VIDEO

You have not less than 20-30 SAN interview questions on my blog in below link

Please let me know your feedback about that blog

Thanks for your interest, please spread the word about our blog & I will surely help you in all the ways I can.

Keep writing & tell me more about yourself

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Madhavi said...

Good site to explore the world of storage and grab opportunities

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