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Friday, January 25, 2013

Searching for Software Job How seriously are you working towards that goal

So many people are trying to get a job. Thousands or millions of them are trying for general jobs - some are searching for any decent job. Some are so desperate that they are willing to work on any job if only they get hired and they are paid.

 Its really really depressing to hear the sufferings of many of the job seekers. Society , Parents, Family, Relatives, Friends need to be a lot more supportive for the (Hard working) job seekers.

I see a lot of parents stop supporting their kids after their education and even before the kids get a job. If some of those kids are pursuing some specific jobs like :Software Job or a Web designer Job or a Tech Startup building idea - how can they survive - how long can they lost without support from any body.

 Atleast parents who can afford to support their kids need to be bit more understanding . I saw several instances where parents keep pressurising their kids to get job very very fast and when those kids are unable to get a job in a span of say some months then parents think if they stop sending the money for expenses their kids will somehow get a job . If the kids(job seekers) are really working hard and still not able to land a job then do you think just stopping supporting them financially will really make them get job in some magical way ?  Dont you realise its not just your 1 kid but  - thousands and millions of people are struggling to find any paying legal job.

The competition is fiercest - The mood in the industry is really not so positive - The investors are either pulling their money or cancelling lot of their investment plans - There is a huge crunch of money in the whole system . Its all I feel is the mindset/FEAR issue.

When everyone starts fearing RECESSION - Recession it impacts everyone badly . I am not saying dont save money. What will be the impact on youth if they dont have jobs. What will be the impact on economy if people and families are not able to earn for even their basic necessities like food & shelter. Banks stop giving loans to business, Business stops expanding & hiring , People dont have money so they reduce a lot of consumption of Goods & Services - that impacts the Business. Everyone is in Fear & it becomes more like a herd mentality which is driving the whole economy & the health of the whole nation/world down.

Is it really that hard to create jobs - No compared to changing the mindsets of Those in power, Those who are taking the major decisions & also lot of people who can contribute to the society  - Its not easy to change their fear/mindset . Its easy to create jobs if we just have mindset change.

I personally have seen people with very very little financial savings taking risks & creating employment for others. Entrepreneurs I feel make a big change if only they get atleast minimal support. I am not just talking about people starting IT startups or technology companies. Its not just technology job creators we want.

Today's economy badly needs those who can create jobs in all other segments - Healthcare, Manufacturing , Small scale industries , Services ....

I hope more people with huge investments come forward & take the risk & create jobs in all other segments

I am surprised to see IT startups getting million dollar funding - why dont other segments also get similar support from large Investors and Government ?

What makes me sigh  is the Government itself is struggling to pay its bills - It really pains me to see the whole scneario. I wish more people who can really bring in the positive change - take action Soon - Very soon.

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