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Friday, January 25, 2013

How To Get Software Job How to Get into IT company career

A lot of my blog readers ask this question :

How can I get a Software Job .
How can I get an interview call even though I have my resume posted on all major Job sites.
How can I get shortlisted for a IT job interview in this recession.
Are Software Companies still hiring even in this recession.
Is there really a bad recession - is it really impacting IT companies & making them slow down their hiring

Lots of question - bottom line - you are someone who wants to get an IT job or you are someone who are trying to change for a better job.

So some answers from the insights I got from my friends & other acquintances in the IT industry.

Stop worrying about Recession . Dont use it as an excuse . Even if one company is slowing down its hiring due to recession there are plenty of other Job Openings . I know this very well I have been in touch with so many people who keep emailing when their interview is scheduled.
Even now during this tough Economical times there are still decent number of IT jobs. You just need to make sure are you skilled enough are you good enough & reach out with more enthusiasm.

Dont just rely on old methods of getting Software Job Interviews . Due to high competition its better you just done use the old ways :
Old ways :
Thinking that just because you posted your resume on some job sites you can relax - no you may have to do a lot more than just posting to all openings you see online.

Human - Personal - Social Networking - this is the best & ultimate solution to get Job interview opportunities.

I can not emphasise about it any more
A friend of mine is doing a webinar on this topic email if you want to join this webinar.

The webinar is about Creative ways of Getting Software Job Interviews.

Its definitely for those who are very active & hard working.

Getting an IT job itself takes a lot of effort & hard work If you are not willing to put it in the first place how can anyone believe that you will work effectively when you get a job.

So the world needs active & smart working (hard working + smart thinking) people - IT industry today needs people who think & act in a much effective /creative way.

More details about this webinar will be posted soon. Since my friend wants to do this webinar for only those who are really really serious about their job hunting he is limiting the number of people who can join.

Still email  - if you are too lazy to email then :) I dont know what else to say

I've asked my friend to cover above questions - questions I mentioned at the top of this blog post. He plans to cover each of the question in each of his webinar. He is planning a webinar series covering several aspects essential in Getting a Software Job.

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