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Friday, January 25, 2013

Live Webinar on Secrets from those who got Software Job

My friend wants to do a Live Webinar - But he wants to know your questions/Topics of interest before he arranges this . Below is an email from him - copying the full content

Brief Summary : FREE Live Webinar on Topics of Your Interest – Registration needed – Give inputs to make it more useful to you – Forward this to all those who may be interested to join this webinar.  - Webinar for people trying to get job in IT/Software . If interested email

This webinar is mainly focussed on "What helped others Get Software job - How they landed their IT job "
This webinar is completely free - but needs registration. This webinar is for action takers those who dont hesitate to follow the guidelines & to take required action.

We are planning to do a webinar (Online Seminar – You can listen to experienced Software Engineers talking & Can see slides being shared from our desktop )

We are still in the planning phase for this webinar ( But we can do this webinar very soon since we are prepared well on the topics to talk – We are just working out the logistics of arranging the webinar )
Those who are interested to attend this webinar need a computer with internet connection (either at home or in cybercafe) to login to this live webinar

Since this is a live webinar if someone wants to join he/she needs to login at the time when webinar is happening (time,date & login info will be emailed before hand to all who are interested & who have registered for the webinar prior )
Nobody has to pay anything to attend this webinar. So feel free to register without hesitation. Registration (by or calling Phone No. will be updated in future – for now email to register.

We need inputs from you & detailed inputs please

Here are the questions we want you all to answer. I am giving some example answers so you know what is the answer 
Please feel free to forward this email to others.

Anyone who wants to attend this webinar needs to answer each of the questions below.
Purpose of asking these questions is to know what exactly you are interested so that we try to see if we can cover what most people are interested.

1.Write some of the questions or topics you want covered. You can write questions which have been very challenging for you or which you are badly trying to get answers for.

2. Do you prefer a Complete Technical Webinar or Complete Non-technical Webinar
Example :Tech Webinar (Software Testing Engineer his daily activities & What is expected in terms of technical skills from someone joining such a job)
Non Tech Webinar – How to survive & Grow once you get job or Mistakes people make when they are preparing for their Software Job Interview
not exactly same topics as above but I am giving examples so that you can get better idea.

3. What is the maximum time you can attend the webinar for
Ex: 30 mins
or 45 mins
or if there is a break of 10 mins then 1 hour 30 mins (45 mins 1st session – 10min break – remaining 45 mins session)
 or write any time length of your convenience

4. Which time of the day is more convenient for you to attend this webinar
Ex:  9AM  or 10AM or 6PM or 8PM   (mention the time of your convenience)

5.  Which day of the week you will be more comfortable to attend the webinar
Ex: Monday or Thursday or Sunday (mention the day of your convenience)

6. Do you think you know someone who may benefit from attending this webinar. If you do know can you mention their names & contact details
Ex: Name of your friend – his mobile no – his email id

We will call or email each of the people interested to register them . Only those who are registered will be updated about the details of webinar login,date & time
So registering is important.
Please write & register if you are interested

Also feel free to forward this email to others who may be trying for a job in Software fieldif

Feel free to share your story if you got an IT job & have somethings to share from your side - you are encouraged to email & share suggestions/tips from your side too

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