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Monday, June 15, 2009

Storage career in recession yes there are jobs hang on

Job seekers you are my 1st focus.People who lost jobs I'm here to support you in whatever little capacity I can. I know how hard its been. Dont let the situation drag you down. Yes I know there are layoffs, yes I know there are no interview calls, yes I know you are not being short listed or even your resume is not being accepted.

But come on dont loose hope. Dont let it overcome you.

Email me in detail writing what you are trying. Where you've been. Where you feel there is hope. Where you think you need help. I want to help but there is a limitation. Dont help me to do A-Z for you. Dont ask me to search for jobs, write your resumes, train you or send you docs, keep you updated etc etc. Let me know what you've done so far. Let me know how many interviews or companies you tried so far & write in detail. I can easily spot a fake story. I will support the people who are genuinely trying for a job, who deserve a job but are not getting an opportunity.

Also please mention your place,city,location of preference,present/previous salary,minimum expected pay package.Any other concerns in detail. This helps to get to the point & not to beat around the bush.

There are some jobs, these jobs are having a little higher expectations, please keep yourself on a steady learning path.Dont get obsolete. Dont let what you've gained as experience go due to inactivity/not revising.

Keep me updated even though I may delay in replying. Let me see what I can do to be of help.

Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage

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