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Friday, April 25, 2008

One of my blogreader got a job on Vmware Virtualization technolgy

I was happy to recieve an email today from one of my blog reader that he got a job offer letter from Accenture on Vmware virtualization technology. He wrote to thank me for the guidance I gave him prior to his interviews.

I'm copying few lines from his email here::

"Overcoming fear of interviews is the first factor to success. We can overcome interview fears only when we are strong in the technology. Though I had been working on some specific segment of Vmware Infrastructure 3 I was not having a strong base in VI3. Also I never got time to cover other solid features of VI3. This was the reason why I always feared taking interviews. Though I had posted my resume online on various job portals & I was getting lots of interview calls from job consultants, I feared taking interviews.

This fear was mainly due to lack of preparation.I was fearing failure & I was fearing facing some body who'll grill me for hours to know what am I worthy of. I hated answering those questions like : Why should we hire you?
Why are you leaving your present job?
What are your weakness ?

Many a times thinking about explaining for the usual questions like : Tell me about yourself ? used to make me think that I need more time to prepare. I was confused should I perfect my technical skills or should I focus on how I present myself in interview. There were tons of worries troubling me & making me awake many a nights like:
Should I continue in VI3 administration role
Or Should I work as a consultant & start my career in VI3 consulting
some more wierd questions like : Do I know enough in VI3 or should I take more time to perfect what I've known already.
Also there were other areas to cover too like Linux administration, Windows related stuff,Network administration IPV6,VLAN etc etc. I thought its too much & I kept postponing my studies or preparation.

Roger thanks for your guidance & thanks for all the pointers you've published on the blog,thanks for all the email. I somehow managed to overcome my fear. I thought why not I give some mock interviews. I pleaded a lot of friends & I also asked you to take mock interview. Since you took that mock interview through Gtalk it was easy for me. I was able to overcome my fear of facing somebody. Since I wrote my answers I got more confidence. Then i took some more time to prepare. I polished my expertise in VI3 configuration, deployment, troubleshooting. Also thanks for the list of tips you emailed me for VI3 related interview preparation. It did help to some extent. I was able to give all 6 rounds of interview at Accenture & I'm happy to say now that they've offered me a good job with a good pay.

Thanks Roger for all the help & Thanks for helping me overcome my fear. Keep blogging & please write more about Vmware technology."

After reading this email I thought publishing it would definitely help many others overcoming their fears in facing the interview process.

I would invite (really appreciate) if my blog readers write to me sharing their interview experiences & sharing what helped them succeed in getting their job. If you could write sharing more about your interview preparations & any tips & if you allow me publish your email I would be thankful to you.
Ofcourse I promise never to reveal your identity or any personal info online.

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