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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blogreader shares an article from his thoughts

[This may not be exactly useful tech stuff  but it can definitely give some idea what sort of things we will run into in our lives.]

It is really amazing the way in which our mind can think and process. Its sheer ability to pour out some of the most brilliant ideas and schemes ( lets not dwell on the thoughts about the nobility of these  ideas) Well  amidst all this I had a idea that struck me and that was to pen these desolate thoughts of mine.
When it comes to striking a goldmine of  thoughts ,when it comes to that very important idea we are looking for , I realized that we seem to get it in the most strangest of the places. Different people have different approaches to attain their very enlightenment. Its not unusual that Some GET it while traveling, some in their sleep and I get (believe or not)in the Loo.
Yes that's true ,throughout my life whenever I an shot of ideas to solve a problem  it was the Loo that offered the trigger. I don't understand why destiny chose such an unlikely spot but perhaps for the privacy and probably the relief it offers(pun intended)……
I remember scheming my most brilliant moves against my enemies from within the walls of the LOO…Those ideas that made them look like Morons. Even the most formidable of the problems had a n answer o it. Either fix it or find a work around until you find a permanent fix. To be able to solve literally any problem one needs to have his options open …and to have multiple options in the first place is a bliss. My dad always says," Look around with a clear mind and you will find your solutions lying around you, probably in the trash can".
We have a mind with a ability to think @ the speed of light if I may say so..Now only if that speed could be channelised in the right direction else we risk the chances to be more confused than before. WE are all programmed I such a way that every time a problem crops up, we run the "Fight or flight" process.
I belong to the flight club as may be the case a with a lot of you guys. I always considered that by dodging the problem at the moment, I could recollect myself and then take on the fight( which seemingly never happens).Postponement leads to only on thing -postponement and with the asking rate going skywards only till the doomsday arrived.
So what's the solution / why is it that way? I looked for the answer everywhere (literally everywhere) and couldn't find it……….., only to realise that it was within me..I had not looked into myself. Rather went on a futile hunt in places where there was just dismal emptiness.

But an idea or a thought just doesn't happen always , there is always a trigger. A memory perhaps. The mind holds a huge bouquet of memories which smell the most beautiful and yet sting like thorns. The most ironic fact about memories is that they are not our slaves. They happen all the time and are out of our control. One of the most ironic fact about memories is that we seem to remember even the details of a bad memory and  we have faded memories of any good time that we may have had. Ironic indeed ! ! !
As John Milton says,
"The mind is its own place, and in itself
Can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n"

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