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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Networking interview questions these are easier questions not too technical

Some of my blog readers showed interest in Networking Interview questions

Users are complaining of delays when using the network. What would you do?
what are the differences between devices working in different layers ?
How do you configure windows to access linux shares
What are some of the problems associated with operating a switched LAN?
Explain TCP/IP layer
Name some of the ways of combining TCP/IP traffic and SNA traffic over the same link.
How do you build a non-congestion network
What sort of cabling is suitable for Fast Ethernet protocols?
What is a Class D IP address?
What factors are to be considered while designing a network implementation ?
Why do I sometimes lose a server's address when using more than one server?
What is Firewall?
How do I monitor the activity of sockets?
How would I put my socket in non-blocking mode?
What are RAW sockets?
What is the role of TCP protocol and IP protocol.
What is UDP?
Explain how you troubleshoot a router issue ?
How can I make my server a daemon?
How should I choose a port number for my server?
Layers in TCP/IP
Explain some of your work experience on managed switches features ?
How can I be sure that a UDP message is received?
How to get IP header of a UDP message
When you prefer Gigabit ethernet over FC ?
Writing UDP/SOCK_DGRAM applications
How many bytes in an IPX network address?
What is the difference between MUTEX and Semaphore?
What is priority inversion?
Different Solutions to dining philosophers problem.
What is a message queue?
Questions on Shared Memory.
What is DHCP?
Working of ping, telnet, gopher.
Can I connect two computers to internet using same line ?
Working of TCP and SSL Handshake
How P2P softwares work?
Setting up TOMCAT web service
Port numbers for FTP, HTTP, telnet, POP, finger
Difference - Passive FTP, Active FTP
Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) what is it?
Security threats due to use of CGI
What is "spoofing"
Where could you find Apache server web log
Find web visitors by country
What is Virtual Private Network (VPN) and how does it work?
How does routing work?

I will try to post the answers too soon
But plz email &* let me know your interests

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