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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How to prepare for interviews for Storage Openings

Previous 2 posts mentioned some storage job openings. You can click on EMC2,Dell,HP Openings ,Netapp Storage openings.
If you are worried about how to prepare for these interviews this blogpost is for you.
First Step Do Not apply for all openings when it does NOT match your profile. Making sure you apply for only those job openings which suit to your present profile or your interest is essential. This helps you to avoid the confusion & prepare with a focussed mind .Also this increases your chance of clearing all the rounds of interviews. Since interviewers are looking for persons who have the maximum points in their present profile matching the job requirement of the company.

So always make sure you get detailed Job description before you plan and schedule the interview. Once You have detailed JD(Job description) make sure you have atleast 1 to 2 weeks time to prepare for the interview. Interviewers always try to push you to take interviews very early. But if you request or sometimes even if you push then they will agree for a date of your convenince.

Once a date is fixed be serious & plan how you want to cover the major areas of your skillset. Example would be if you have mentioned below points as your skillsets
2 Years experience in Linux administration
Well versed in SDLC (Software Development Life CYcle)
Expertise in Release Engineering(RE) Process
Good experience in perl and shell scripting

Then you need to see what are your strong areas & which ones are weak areas. Start with Weak areas first & try to finish them early & with more stress.
Example if you feel SDLC,RE process are your strong areas & Linux administration,Perl/Shell scripting are areas you feel you need to improve on then you start with Weaker topics & strengthen yourself. Its always true that whenever u feel u r strong in any topic even if u prepare briefly on those topics you can still manage to do well in interviews. But if you are not at all confident about any topics then you will be shaky & will loose lots of good points/impressions when u are not able to answer or handle them in interview. So my suggestion is always strengthen your areas of weakness & make sure you are in a good enough defensive mode before you take the real interview.

It is always a good habit to go through several MOCK interview sessions or simulated interview sessions before you take the actual Real interview.This gives a clear picture & is a big winner for many of the people whom i have helped to win interviews. Believe it or not almost 60% to 80% of people have done very badly in their first & second mock interview session. Only those who were dedicated enought to prepare & take 3rd or 4th mock interview have done well in mock interviews as well as won their acutal company interviews 100%. These are the guys who came back with a big smile from their real company interview. Since they have fought the interview battle several times before hand .

instead of loosing your best chance by directly going for an interview its always safe & better to go through some simulated or mock interviews . This saves you from lots of frustations .

I will contiue writing about your interview preparations tips in my next post which I will for sure post by tomorrow. For those wise people who want to get personal guidance for their interview preparation I have a paid service where you pay me only $60 and I guide you for 15 days through emails & support materials for your job interview. Email with your interested job openings/job description & what are your expectations. I will do my best to support you but at the end of the day it is your dedication & sincerity in preparation that makes you win any job offer letter.

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