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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Netapp Storage job openings Netapp Hiring Spree

Seems like Netapp (Network Appliance) is on a Hiring Spree
I just browsed their job portal & found below openings. What is listing below is hardly 30% of what is listed as Netapp job opportunities in US. There are multile job positions for each of these job desingations. So
Pro's who have experience
New college grads interested to work in storage
Internship enthusiasts

You all have enough openings listed on their job portal. Since Netapp is one among storage leaders their profile expectation or skills expected for these openings are considerably high. But if you want to be part of such a growing company & if you want to get their best pay package you should also be the best. If not dont worry its not a tough task to achieve these skills/knowledge , you need to work hard & put enough time & efforts there is no shortcuts. There are also some lucky ones who clear these interviews with less preparations as well .

So here are some of the Netapp job openings,
Job Designation ::: Job Code ::: Location
Engineering Program Manager 4 - Product Lifecycle Process 0106561070001 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
Engineering Program Manager 5 0106320070003 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
Manager Power Systems Engineering 0106150070001 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
Manager, Build and Development Tools 0106520070002 US-NC-Raleigh
Manager, Software Engineering 0106314060008 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
Manager, Engineering 0106700060008 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
Manager, Software Quality Assurance 0106414060018 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters), US-NC-Raleigh
Program Manager, Business Operations 0104020070002 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters), US-NC-Raleigh

Member of Technical Staff 0106413070002 US-CA-Irvine, US-CA-San Francisco, US-CA-San Ramon, US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
Member of Technical Staff, Hardware 0108310070023 US-PA-Cranberry Township
Member Technical Staff – Platform Software 0106172060002 US-PA-Pittsburgh
Member Technical Staff, Software 0108310070022 US-NC-Raleigh
MTS 3. Data Retention File Systems Engineer 0106261060023 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
MTS Diagnostics Software 0106116060009 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
Mts Sw 2 0106521070001 US-PA-Pittsburgh
MTS SW 4/5 - (MRL) 0106113070002 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
MTS SW 5 0106113060006 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)

Networking QA 0106114060010 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)

Continuing Product Engineer -Design 0106135070001 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
File System Software Engineer 0106411060004 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
Embedded Systems/Firmware Engineer(0106162060009 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
Embedded Systems/Firmware Engineer (0106162060008 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
Automation Quality Engineer 4(0106513070003 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
Automation Test Engineer 4 0106513070002 US-CA-San Francisco
Build Engineer 0106521070004 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
Engineering Labs Administrator(0106535060003 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
File Systems Engineer 0106430060024 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters), US-MA-Waltham
HA Failover SQA - GX 0106114060006 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
Hardware Engineer - Platform 0106220070004 US-NC-Raleigh
QA Engineer 3 0176880060008 US - Decru Headquarters

Performance Analyst - System Software (GX) 0106314070005 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
Power Engineer 0106136060002 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)

New College Grad - Member Technical Staff – Platform Software 0106172060001 US-PA-Pittsburgh
New College Grad - File Systems Engineer 0106430060029 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
New College Grad - Software QA Engineer 0106333070001 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
New College Grad - Software SCM Tools Engineer 0106520070007 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
New College Grad - Software Tools Engineer 0106520070006 US-CA-Sunnyvale (Corporate Headquarters)
New College Grad- Software 0106370070004 US-PA-Pittsburgh

Intern 0176860070004 US-CA-Redwood City
Intern 0106300070012 US-CA-San Francisco
Intern 0106431070001 US-CA-Redwood City
Intern, Quality Assurance 0106333070002 US-NC-Raleigh

Junior Software Engineer 1406860070009 Israel (IL)
Kernel Expert / Storage Device Driver Expert 1406860070012 Israel (IL)
L3 Support Engineer 1406860070007 Israel (IL)

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