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Friday, June 15, 2007

Storage Interview Questions Answers SAN,NAS,FC,RAID

Hi Blog Reader / Emailer

thanks a lot for ur interest in emailing me. I would definitely send U some of the SAN beginner's documents & also some advanced reference books

U know the big names of SAN are like EMC2,Netapp,HP,IBM,Cisco,Brocade & many others ( its a 40 Billion dollar market segment so all bigwigs including Microsoft & Google or some or the other way are involved in it )& if you are aiming to get into any of such companies this email is of a big use for you. The usual time anyone needs to prepare for storage/network/server industry interviews is usually 1 month to 3 months. most of the time is spent researching or collecting materials to study.Also its hard to get all the essential topics in one single compressed document. It is also hard to find any storage interview questions anywhere else on the web. I think this blog is the only place where you can find some good interview questions which are from real company interviews.

Since many job hunters were interested to get interview questions with answers and also get short specific topics to focus on. Also short materials to read rather than huge reference books. I came up with this service where you pay $24 & get 200 Interview Questions with answers. You will also get FREE bonuses Linux QuickReference Guides, HR Interview Questions(Common HR questions), SAN guide, NAS guide & many other stuff which are very useful to make the task of a job hunter.

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This contains real interview questions with answers from below topics

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if you find it hard to pay then U have an alternative choice. Email me writing in detail how u work on storage/Network/Unix/Linux/System administration (write in general without mentioning the exact confidential details) write all the methods, commands & steps u follow . Minimum of 50 lines with enough info to understand how u do - what u do. U permit me to publish that on my blog for people who might be interested in that information. If u can do this I will send all the above material FREE for you immediately once u write.
Please write ORIGINAL & DO NOT COPY PASTE FROM WEB ( I will verify this & then only will send u materials)

If u can write me about 3 of ur interview experiences in detail with minimum 20 interview questions & allow me to publish this on blog then also I can send u these materials for FREE

Let me know what u choose. Keep emailing & let me know ur feedback about the blog


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