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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Email to Storage Student who is interested to build his Career in Storage technology

He has already emailed me showing his interest in getting personalised online (email based) 1-on-1 Storage training. This is one of my early emails to him. I thought sharing this email helps many of my blog readers to get an understanding what it requires to plan & Build a Career not just in Storage technology domain but any Information Technology segment. This is a paid service & I charge a little heavy for this Storage training if you are interested email me.Those who are not able to go for this I have a Simple Yet Effective Suggestion check out the right hand top corner of this blog for "Blog Archive" section. Start Clicking on the Year/Date/Sub segment ( Titles of my previous blogposts) you will find a Huge Treasure of articles, interview questions , interview experiences, interview preparation tipcs, salary structure of software companies as well as many storage companies, many videos on storage related topics, some tutorials on Veritas,NAS,Solaris, Storage fundamentals etc. It is a real good treasure for all those who are really interested to get into storage technology. You just need to put enough time to read through all these articles which I have not copied from anywhere but written as almost a personal email to a friend. So do let me know your feedback on this blog. Whoever emails me giving their feedback or suggestion or any article contribution recieves 3 Tutorial PDF downloadable files & many other surprise gifts. Make sure you write a little lengthy email :)

Content of my email to my student is copied below
Brief outline of sugestion for your Storage learning is
Build Strong Storage Fundamentals
Make sure you are good in Operating System ( Either Solaris 10 or preferably Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 or RHEL5 ) with administration level of skills
Be good in Networking and Servers/Hardware knowledge
EMC2 or Netapp > SAN range of products u choose any product series based on ur preference no issues > Backup & recovery or Virtualization both are equally hot segments for a Job hunter .

Timeline : 25 days to 2 Months on EMC2 or Netapp or HP SAN product learning
15 days to 2 months on either Backup and Recovery OR Virtualization technology
In total 2 months to 4 months if you can dedicate & work hard

This is what I would say ur roadmap should be if you are aspiring to build your career in Storage domain. I guess this is a very basic outline to begin with. But I want you to comeup with your list of your strengths & weakness pertaining to this , so I can rewrite the details of this Guidance outline. I want you to understand this road does not seem easy it does require your consistency in learning & relearning and revising whenever necessary. Be clear about the necessity of putting enough time & efforts for this learning.

Send your Present Resume/CV to me & i'll have more clear idea on this.
if thats not an issue let me know what is ur salary expectation , other terms if you have any. whats ur present salary & responsibilities .

Your study should be more goal oriented, what i mean is , make compressed notes of what you r studying, make Question & Answer kind of notes on all the topics you study & make a soft copy always .This helps you in interview prior preparation as well as it is easy to revise when you have your own compressed notes than reading huge reference books or several online articles. This also helps you build your own last minute quick reference guide for any interview even if they schedule it the very next day.

I want you to email me all the progress you are doing on a daily basis if possible. I may be allowed to publish some of those content online. I will never reveal your identity in anymanner online I will just say contributed by one of the blog reader.So if you permit me to publish some of your email contents (NOT the personal communication but only tech stuff) I will do my part of supporting you in reaching your goal.

I want to clarify that I am not a SAN guru or Storage guru I am just someone who knows how to help U reach your goal. So I am not stressing on mere Tech help but I would be a bit more than that as a personal friend(Online) who knows industry expectations, can share some of the insights & can help U reach your career goals. I dont email/help many on a 1-on-1 basis i do it rarely,selectively & I would like to support only those who value my time & my requests/conditions.

Email me what you have planned so far & what are your expectations clearly.
So let me see ur next email . Then I will continue this conversation.

Outline whatever u know already in an informal list for my reference . write down frankly what u clearly know & what u know just on the surface, we will take it forward from there


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