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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Storage jobs interview questions from real interview experiences

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Simple interview questions with very simple answers from Real Storage Job interviews : Contributed by Jai

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Some more interview questions are listed below
40) What is Exchange in FC(Fibre Channel)?
Exchange is to establish a relationship between 2 N_PORTs and then these two ports transfer data via one or more sequence within this relationship.
Example: Exchange exist to transfer the command, data and the status of one SCSI task

41) Why do we need Login in FC?
Port Login: To exchange service parameters between N_Ports and N_Ports
Process Login: To establish the SCSI operating environment between two N_PORTS

42) What are the different types of clusters?
a) High availability clusters
b) High Performance Clusters
c) Load Balancing Clusters.

43) What are three levels of management in storage?
a) Storage Level Management
b) Network Level Management
c) Enterprise Level Management.

44) What are the key activities in SAN management?
a) Monitoring
b) Configuring
c) Controlling
d) Troubleshooting
e) Diagnosing

45) What is the difference between HBA and NIC?
HBA => Host bus adapters are used in storage based traffic while NIC (Network Interface Cards are used in IP based LAN traffic.

46) What is the measuring unit of data activity?
Gigabits per hour

47) What are the basic storage policies?
a) Security and authentication
b) Capacity, Content and quota management
c) Quality of Service

48) What is bypass circuitry?
A circuit that automatically removes the storage device from the data path (FC device out of FC AL loop) when signaling is lost (this signal is called port by-pass signal).

49) Explain different classes of service in FC?
Class 1: dedicated connection between two communicators with acknowledgement of frame delivery.
Class 2: is connection less but provides acknowledgement
Class 3: is connection less and provides no notification of delivery
Class 4: allows fractional bandwidth for virtual circuits
Class 5: Provides multicast with acknowledgment
Class F: Is used for switch to switch communication in the fabric.

50) How many connections are possible in Fabric topology?
2^24 (24 bit address to the port) , and the largest possible fabric will have 239 interconnected switches.

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