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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Software Career advice Live Online Webinar on 19 Feb 2010 Do NOT miss it

Registration Web Link:
Our next 6 hour webinar on Software Career Advice - Software testing interview Questions.

Read this if you really have time & interest to know how to do a Live Webinar.
Our team with my support did a Live webinar on Software Career. They covered
topics like "Tips for preparing for a Technical Interview"
"Career opportunities in Software Testing" ,
"Best ways to answer Software Testing Interview Questions with an example of
20 Interview Questions with answers"

So after doing several Live Webinars here is the overall experience.
Doing a Live Webinar definitely requires preparation. Live webinar for people
who are not aware of is like a Live Seminar just that people login on internet/online
some people can use telephone to login too. No matter how people login they all participate on this Online Live Seminar. Those who login using internet have an
advantage over the ones logged in using telephone, which is the ones on computer
get to see the presentation along with hearing the audio.

Then this team did another Live Webinar covering "20 Interview Questions with answers
on Software Testing" which nearly 400+ people registered out of which only 20+ turned up.
This was a little more shocking 'cause the topic was of soo much interest to soo many.

Those who want to listen to this can check out
to see a replay of this webinar.

The reason why very few logged in live may be 'cause the time of webinar was not
suitable to many people & the day being a thursday evening many people were busy with
their work.

So for the 1st Live Webnar on "Career Opportunities in Sw Testing" nearly
300 people registered . These webinars were hosting using Gotowebinar so
interested people first register & then they get an email with a link
which if they click at the time of the webinar they can Login & participate
in the webinar.
So out of 300 people who registered only 40 people actually logged in & participated
in the live webinar. Our team did not get an idea like why so many missed attending
the Live webinar. It may be because this one was done on a Sunday was the most
consoling answer my team got.

Those who want to listen to this can check out
to see a replay of this webinar.

So my team is planning to do some crazy thing this time. They are planning to do
a 6 hour marathon(lengthy) seminar on "Software Testing, Software Career Tips,
Interview Preparation tips all combined"

This webinar is completely FREE.

Above is the link to register for this 6 hour lengthy webinar on Tech,Career stuff.
Whats the reason they want to do a 6 hour webinar - to accomodate people from different
time zones to login at a convenient time & to get real valuable info. To help those
people who get reminded about the webinar only after it got ended that this is not a
1 or 2 hour webinar to end so early so you still can login & listen however long it
is fine for you to listen. Definitely since they are going to cover lots of technical
stuff related to Software interview preparation, Software project process & things like that
you may NOT to want to miss this.

Take note video replay of this 6 hour webinar will not be made available to general public. So make sure you attend the live webinar without fail.

Atleast this time around my time aims to see 60% of those who register to attend this
Live Webinar event. Please dont feel bad if you get lots of reminder emails about
attending this webinar once you register. Its just that when someone is providing
6 hours of valuable information to help your Career it just benefits if you take time
to login & listen.

let us see how many people will login to this online event.
We will keep you informed for sure.

Thanks for reading this lengthy email. Detailed info if we want to share
takes more sentences sorry.

Hope to see you logged in live on the webinar

Roger and
The Support Team

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