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Friday, October 03, 2008

How To Get Job How You Can Get Software Job in Storage,Virtualization,Linux System Administration,Network & Enterprise Data Centre

[LEGAL DISCLAIMER : Blog author gone crazy, dont believe anything you read on this blog. Dont trust this guy do your own home work. There might be shitty secrets he wants to share with you on this blog about Your Job,Salary,Career but IT AINT GONNA WORK until you DO YOUR ASSIGNMENT, So this guy is not a Guru but he is good in pretending to be ONE]
[Actual Article starts from below written by the real blog author, if you love these writings email & Get a ton of Tips to help your Career]

Dear Blog Reader thanks a lot for taking time to read some of the posts on this blog. I would love to write more useful stuff. All I ask in return, please let your friends & family know about this blog. Spread the word & get me more friends.

You are all my friends , You are my family :) without you I'm nothing.

Thats true to a large extent. If you dont take time to visit & read the articles regularly then this blog serves no purpose.

Ok, How Can You Get Job

Ten Strong tips to make you Get Job SOONER , ASAP
1. Write down what you want from the next job

2. Write down what salary you expect, what position you expect , Which companies you wanna join.
One of my blog reader wrote like : Salary expected $6500 per month, Position : Virtualization Consultant/Deployment/Planning/Support/Training . Companies he'd love to join : All Top 10 of Fortune 100 companies.

Next thing I ask you to do is, be frank & think practically about this next step.

3. If you really want so many good things for yourself just to get into this new job - How are you equally worthy for that job?????
How competentent are you to demand such salary?
How skilled,experienced,able are you to demand such position
How valuable you yourself are to be choosy of such high expectations/Company?

If you are not already worthy CAN not you work towards the goal to make yourself come upto the expectations of the job. (Ya ya you want them to meet your expectations before you even think of knowing their expectations)
Step 3 is all about understanding the job opening's expectations & make yourself reach to that level

4. Next step - Start developing your Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV). This is the step every one drags/delays/wants to postpone

5. Make sure you are really good on everything mentioned in the CV/Resume.If not already start building yourself in that direction.

6. Upload the resume/ spread the word/ Network among people who are already in these major companies & ask them to refer you for any open reqs ( Job openings) . Build relation with job consultants/ hiring network / People who can really help you reach out (Like This Blog)

7. Be ready for taking an interview at any time & for any number of interview rounds/stages. There are companies who are in a hurry to hire, there are companies which take months to complete the hiring process, there are companies who never give you clear idea, there are companies who may finish all interview process & give you the offer letter IN A SINGLE DAY - Be ready & Open for every thing. ( Be ready to get bashed in all directions, on all topics you mentioned in your resume )

8. Know how to get Interview Calls if you are Not getting any

9. Give Mock Interview (Simulated Interview) to a friend or old colleague or any one who has the patience to take a technical mock interview for you. Go through a lot, lots of mock interviews. So you know where you suck & where you shine. Improve yourself in all those lacking else you have a long way to go.

10. Start attending the real interviews................ Have patience.

Getting a Job,Clearing all rounds of Job Interview is like marriage have patience till it happens. & Once it happens, once you are in the job you will be wishing when you can have your next marriage :)
[Sorry if I hurt any body's sentiments with such a silly joke, pardon me]

Disclaimer: Marriage is a holy experience of life no-one should miss it . I have no business commenting on that one :)

Ok this article was NOT about marriage but its about how seriously & with what passion you need to prepare yourself for the Job Interview process.

Yes I promise You Will Get a JOB Sooner if you do the above 10 SIMPLE :) steps.

No brainer - its quite simple if you can walk through the whole process. If you just sit on the shore & try to imagine the depth of the ocean ya ya its quite a long process & you are tooo lazy to actually do what really needs to be done.

[[[ One more silly joke : One of my blog reader emailed me & said he will pay me if I can get him a job,I asked him how much, he said a months salary. I told him show me a stock which I can invest 5K in & gives me assured 5K every month.
If you dont understand what I meant lemme simplify this.

Yep I can help you to some extent to get a software job in a considerably good company. But will anyone dare to pay me ahead just for the guidance before they actually get the job - thats the question.(Million Dollar Question)

I asked the same blog reader ok send me a cheque or paypal payment for $5K & I can help you get a job of $5K. But pal you need to work on this & you need to work as much as I ask you to. 'cause once you get that job you've been craving for & are inside the company - I can't come & sit next to you to help you there also. (Practically Impossible right)

Bottom line: You gotta build your own strength . A Mentor (Like me :) ) Can always help. But do you have the money to pay him for the mentoring ????

Dont worry too much about it, Just make sure you do what it takes to prepare yourself well for the actual interview process.

I know you need more you wanna know more & you have time only to read the real secrets of how you can Really get a Software Job in the Fastest Possible Way >>>
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I promise NEXT ARTICLE will be on How You Can Get Software Job in Storage,Virtualization,Linux System Administration,Network & Enterprise Data Centre

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